4 best strategy tips to complete super spooky challenge in COC!

Clash of Clans super spooky challenge
Clash of Clans super spooky challenge l Image Credit: ITZU (Youtube)

The Latest challenge from Clash of Clans is available now which is the super spooky challenge, some villagers are struggling to win this spooky challenge of CoC.

Halloween has brought on this new super spooky challenge in Clash of Clans for the villagers, complete this spooky challenge before you get to know more about Town Hall Level 15.

Here are some best tips and strategies to complete the CoC spooky challenge, follow these tricks and guides to complete the Spooky challenges.

4 best strategy tips to complete the super spooky challenge in COC!

Here’s what you all need to do in order to defeat and win in the super spooky challenge of Clash of Clans.

1. The first tip is all about deploying the giant skeletons, all these giant skeletons can be placed near the Town hall, clan castle, bomb tower, and poison tower. Then bring your king near the town hall followed by the queen too.

2. Next is to use the royal ghosts, giant skeletons, barbarians, archers, bat spells, and archer queens. Use the giant skeletons and barbarians first, use the wall breakers and bombs, and use the rest of the troops to destroy the town hall first.

3. Next use the remaining troops to completely demolish the hidden tesla, bat spells help a lot for this, then the archer queen for the rest of the towers, balloons can be used if only necessary, and archers are also not used much for this spooky challenge attacks.

4. Next deploy the giant skeletons near the spell tower and the rest of the storage, then finally use the royal ghosts to destroy the 8 o clocked walls and 12 o clocked department towers.

These are all the strategies and steps to win the super spooky challenges of Clash of Clans, this is completely subjective from our side, As other troops and best strategies will also help you to win the spooky challenge easily now.

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