Check out COD Warzone Mobile release date, pre-registration, Early Access, and more details

COD Warzone Mobile live stream event
COD Warzone Mobile release in 2023 

Mobile gamers have been eagerly waiting to experience one of the most popular Battle Royale from the Call Of Duty franchise. The Warzone Mobile live stream event is expected to reveal some substantial information about the game which is just a few hours away to go live.

The pre-registration for the game has already begun, and this September showcase event may reveal the release date, early access, and probably a launch trailer. Moreover, the Call of Duty fans also seems excited to try the mobile version of COD Warzone.

COD Warzone Mobile live stream showcase event revealed its release date for next year, and also announced its pre-registration

As previously announced by Activision, the Call of Duty live-stream showcase event took place on 15 September at 9:30 AM PT or 10 PM IST. The beginning of the event was so confusing since the trailer included clips from Modern Warfare ll, Warzone 2.0, and Warzone mobile. However, the mobile gaming community got a sneak peek at the gameplay of the mobile version of Warzone.

Call of Duty Warzone mobile will launch on iOS and Android sometime soon in 2023, after being designed from the bottom up for portable devices.

How can Android and iOS users pre-register for Warzone Mobile?

For Android users

For Android users, the pre-register for Warzone mobile has been gone live on 15 September. Fans can simply search for the game on Play Store and click on the “Pre-register” option. You will get notified when the game will be available for all to download or early access.

For iOS users

The pre-registration is not made available for iOS users, and iPhone users will have to wait for the showcase event. Warzone mobile will soon be available for pre-register on the App store or directly from the game’s official website.

What to expect from the mobile version of COD warzone?

A recent Warzone Mobile teaser referred to Verdansk’s reappearance. Although it hasn’t been verified yet, it appears that when Warzone Mobile is released, gamers may return to Verdansk. Players who have been requesting the restoration of the map will like this.

Well after the game’s global debut, those who pre-registered will also get certain benefits. Activision hasn’t yet provided a Warzone Mobile release date, though.

Additionally, it appears that the Warzone Mobile website’s meta description also disclosed the significance of 120 player lobbies. Players might have anticipated a lesser player base given that this Warzone game is mobile-based, but it appears the developers are committed to providing a true Warzone gameplay experience.

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