COD Mobile Zombies are back update: Release date, patch notes, and everything announced

COD Mobile Zombies are back update patch notes
COD Mobile Zombies are back update patch notes

After a lot of anticipation, COD Mobile has finally announced  the release date for season 9, and this update is named “Zombies are back.” According to the official patch notes, Season 9 will see the return of Zombies Classic along with other new additions like the Haunted Hacienda, the Krig 6 Assault Rifle, the remote-detonated C4, and much more. So, here are the complete COD Mobile Zombies are back update patch notes.

CODMobile Zombies are back update: Patch Notes

The 9th season of Call of Duty: Mobile, titled Zombies Are Back, celebrates Halloween by bringing back Zombies in two different game modes: Super Attack of the Undead and Zombies Classic on the map Shi No Numa. Players will get to experience a haunting on the brand-new multiplayer level Haunted Hacienda, toss C4 at opponents for distant destruction, and satisfy Naga — Ghost of War’s to exchange treats for rewards.

Call of Duty Mobile season 9 battle pass

New Battle Pass goodies, including that of new Operators, a new weapon, a throwable Lethal, weapon blueprints, calling cards, charms, Call of Duty Points (CP), and thus more, are included in Season 9’s Battle Pass.

The legendary remote-detonated C4, which unlocks at Tier 14, and the brand-new Krig 6 Assault Rifle, respectively, are also included in this season’s free Battle Pass DLC. The Calling Card – Misty Seas, a number of camos, and Weapon Blueprints are additional free goodies for this season.

Moreover, the premium battle pass offers new Operator Skins like Kui Ji — Sapporo Stealth, Domino — Carbon Smoke, Zero — Dark Sails, and Merc 5 — Sea Monster. Weapon Blueprints for the ICR-1, SKS, GKS, Chopper, and the new Krig 6.

Two zombie new modes

Zombies Classic: Brave the Swamp of Death as you and your team fight to survive the rounds while being surrounded by hordes of the undead.

Super Attack of the Undead: Until one player is randomly selected at the beginning of the game to join the undead, deploy as a whole group of survivors. The game continues until just the last human or zombie is still standing in this updated version of the mode. As the match goes on, both survivors and infected pick up new skills.

New season 9 map- Haunted Hacienda

As Hacienda is prepared for Halloween and a spectral fleet of ships is positioned just off the lakeshore, Halloween has arrived at the opulent grape estate. As dusk falls, move the battle to the mansion and be careful of that centre courtyard, or fight around the estate grounds.

Haunted Voyage Halloween-themed event

Take advantage of the Haunted Voyage theme event to indulge your sweet taste and get rewards. Play games and accomplish daily and weekly challenges in multiplayer and battle royale to collect Halloween Coins that can be utilized to sketch Halloween Candies.

You may get prizes like the Battle Hardened — Neon Fire Operator Skin, the HS0405 — Electric Eel, the Rytec AMR — Blue Skeletons, and the Parachute — Sapphire Skulls by eating various candies that each award a specific number of points.

What is the release date for COD Mobile season 9?

The Call Of Duty Mobile Season 9: Zombies Are Back will debut on October 12th at 5 p.m. PT or 5:30 a.m. Indian Standard time. Season 9 introduces brand-new Seasonal Challenges with rewards including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, and Battle Pass XP worth up to 30,000.

So, that’s everything known so far about the Zombies are back update. If you have any queries related to this new season, please let us know in the comment section below.

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