COD Mobile Season 8 Leaks, Release Date, New Maps, and More!


COD Mobile Season 8 : Mobile Season 7 New Vision City
COD Mobile Season 8

COD Mobile Season 8 release date is approaching soon, as the current interim COD Mobile Season 7 is ending from sept 10th, expect the COD Mobile Season 8 to commence on from the same day or even from the very next day which is 11th sept, 2022, however it ain’t official too. The new season brings more excitement and content for the fans.

Cod Mobile Season 8 Release Date!

The official Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Release Date is 10th or probably 11th September, 2022. Expect an official release date on COD Mobile Season 8 from the makers of the game very soon.

COD Mobile Season 8 New Map!

As always COD Mobile new season comes up with new new updates, also with map changes too. Now the COD Mobile Season 8 will be bringing on a new express map with some updates too.

New Leaks, Weapons and Class!

Apart from the express Map, COD Mobile Season 8 weapon leaks are the new ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle Gun, Butterfly Knife Melee Weapon, the Lethal C4 Weapon with an explosive damage outcome,

The new class on COD Mobile season 8 will be the battle royale mode class in the form of the name Igniter class, more deets to be known soon.

Also the Call Of Duty Mobile Twitter account also had shared a cryptic image to be decrypted, which has a Morse code stating that a new information and update about COD Mobile Season 8 will be come out on 31st, August, 2022. So let’s all wait for all the new Call Of Duty Mobile : Season 8 Leaks from today.

That’s all about the COD Mobile Season 8 Release date, leaks, weapons, map and new class. More leaks for more news.

Stay tuned for the official Call Of Duty Mobile Season 8 Release date first, before moving on to the next leaks of COD Mobile Season 8 from today.

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