COD Mobile Season 7 Coming Up With New Vision City Map Updates

COD Mobile Season 7: Map Updates and changes
COD Mobile Season 7: Map Updates and changes

COD Mobile: Season 7 aka COD Mobile New Vision City is already live for all the players with its patch notes alongside too. The major highlight of COD Mobile is its map with its revamped rank mode and update.

The map pool in COD Mobile Season 7 has undergone some major changes and buffs. The new map pool in COD Mobile New Vision City is further ranked in two parts.

COD Mobile Season 7: Map Updates and changes

As said, from COD Mobile season 7 of New Vision City, the ranked mode map pools will further be classified into two map pools in the form of, Generic Map Pool and Seasonable New Map Pool.

The generic map pool mode of COD Mobile S7 will majorly hold players with more experience and best performance too, all ranked players of COD Mobile will easily get access to this generic map pool mode.

Then the Seasonal new map pool mode also has a wider variety of new maps, the players with high ranks, also the pro-COD Mobile gamers will be able to access this New Seasonable New Map Pool ranked mode in the New Vision City season game version of Call of Duty Mobile Season 7.

These are the major transitions from the ranked mode map pool of COD Mobile season 7. Other minor changes have also been updated as COD Mobile S7 New Vision City has already gone live for players.

Also from now on in COD Mobile, those users who are put in a new map pool ranked match and lose the same, will also be able to earn more rank XP bonus.

After 2 successful weeks of COD Mobile Season 7, players are enjoying the new vision city game with lots of features and new updates. Players expect the same set of patch notes and leaks for Call of Duty Mobile: Season 8 from now on itself.

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