COD Mobile Marathon Medal Guide: How to Earn Marathon Medals in CODM?

COD Mobile Marathon Medal uses
COD Mobile Marathon Medal

COD Mobile has several medals, and the most premium and prestigious medal are Marathon Medal. Also, these Marathon Medals are earned and unlocked by several tasks, challenges and missions of COD Mobile. So here’s how the players of COD Mobile will be able to acquire these marathon medals of the game.

COD Mobile Marathon Medal Guide: How to Earn Marathon Medals in CODM?

As the name implies, it’s all about running the marathon and earning the marathon medals of COD Mobile.

Here are the steps to earn the COD Mobile Marathon Medals easily:

– Hustle over 2000 metres in a single game of COD Mobile and also through the battle royale gaming mode

– also sprinting through the safe zone tracks will get you this marathon medal at the isolated map of COD Mobile

So the equation is simple, run 2000 metres or 2 kilometres at the BR gaming mode match of Call of Duty Mobile and get these Marathon Medals easily.

Further, just grind and hustle through 2kms, which should not be a difficult task, especially for all the experienced COD Mobile players, get the marathon medals, and add them all to the achievements of your COD Mobile account.

What is the Use of Marathon Medals in CODM? 

Basically, the marathon medal is an achievement that can be unlocked through the COD Mobile BR mode, then the major uses of the marathon medals of COD Mobile are to unlock some of the in-game items and rewards, cosmetics, weapons & a lot more.

Even if the Marathon Medal doesn’t have many uses in the game, COD Mobile players have always loved these medals of the game, as unlocking it as an achievement is an incredible job.

But the marathon medal is unlocked only through the BR mode of the COD Mobile game, but the good thing is that to obtain the marathon medals, players don’t need to battle hard or kill anyone in the challenges, just all about sprinting and showcasing their running skills and abilities.

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