COD Mobile Class Chips Guide: How to Get Class Chips in CODM?

COD Mobile Class Chips Guide: How to get the COD Mobile Class Chips in 2022?
COD Mobile Class Chips

The class chips in COD Mobile are a special ability for your battle royale operators of the game. Also, the class chips are majorly used to upgrade the classes of the game.

The class chips are so powerful in COD Mobile that your game’s progression will be rapidly increasing easily.

COD Mobile Class Chips Guide: How to get the COD Mobile Class Chips in 2022?

Players may get these class chips from the chip stations in the map, also the isolated BR map locations have these class chips. Players can though get more class chips from the pipeline, standoff, crash, circus, and estate on COD Mobile map regions.

What are the Uses of Class Chips in COD Mobile?

First, go to the chip station and interact with the stations and equip the class ships for your preferred classes.

Use the class chips for the BR mode of CODM 3 times at maximum for your preferred character.

The seasonal event section of COD Mobile has the royale specialist option, where you might use these class chips for 3 times, 10 times on the BR mode missions accordingly.

Shocking skin and the purple weapon xp cards are your rewards when you complete the missions and challenges using these class chips.

Once you activate these class chips, the special abilities will be added to your class weapons of COD Mobile. The class abilities will also turn into purple color.

All the COD players use the class chips for the mission and challenges to get rewards, but also only in the battle royale mode of the game.

A total of 11 classes from COD Mobile are available, once you equip the class chips use it for any of these classes for the BR mode.

So get the class chips from the stations, use its abilities for the class operators, take part in the class chip missions and challenges of the COD Mobile battle royale mode and get the rewards.

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