Clash Royale’s first-ever Supercell MAKE campaign: Here’s how to create your emote and make money

Clash Royale's first-ever Supercell MAKE campaign: Here's how to create your emote and make moneySupercell Make campaign has been a massive success, inviting creators worldwide to put together their artistic minds to create new artwork. The good news for fans is that the Supercell Make campaign has now arrived for Clash Royale, allowing people to make creative Emotes concepts while earning money.

Creating an Emote for MAKE campaign for Clash Royale is relatively easy if you follow the essential principles. Supercell will provide a theme and character to work with for each campaign, and the animation should match the character’s personality and the Clash universe’s attitude.

It is the first time that Supercell’s MAKE campaign has arrived in Clash Royale, giving players the opportunity to showcase their creativity and earn money at the same time. The campaign allows players to design their own emotes using a theme and character provided by Supercell. Here’s how to get started.

Guidelines for creating an Emote for the Supercell MAKE campaign

When creating an emote for the Supercell MAKE campaign, there are some important principles to consider:

Vibe: Match the attitude of the animation with the character’s personality and the Clash universe. Keep the emote light-hearted and non-violent. Avoid darker themes unless you can approach them in a funny way.

Style: Use vibrant, flat colors and basic, simple shapes. Utilize hard and clean shadows and highlights. Create a cute and simple representation of the original character.

Humor: Humor is key in emotes, even if they aren’t connected to a specific emotion or reaction. Memes are always a great choice.

Fun Ideas: Sometimes the best emotes are those that don’t express emotion. Think outside the box and get creative!

Character Guidelines: Each character in Clash Royale has a distinct personality. When creating an emote, think about how that character would act or dress in different themes. Keep in mind existing emote representations for certain characters – there may be no need to redesign them.

Submitting Your Emote In Supercell MAKE campaign for Clash Royale

Clash Royale's first-ever Supercell MAKE campaign: Here's how to create your emote and make money
Image Credit: Supercell

To submit your emote for the Supercell MAKE campaign, you’ll need to provide:

  • A Static Icon: This is the emote’s icon when it’s in your emote deck. It doesn’t necessarily have to be one of the key animation frames, but it should be part of the animation. The static icon should be in color and sized at 3456x2520px in either jpg or png format.
  • Three Key Animation Frames: You should submit three key animation frames that show the key moments of the animation. The frames should be in color and sized at 3456x2520px in either jpg or png format.
  • A Description: Provide a detailed description of your emote and what’s happening in the animation. Add optional assets if you want to spice things up and grab the voters’ attention, like different work-in-progress sketches or a video.

Remember, you don’t need to draw your emote on a computer. Drawings on paper are accepted, but be aware of the image quality. Use a scanner instead of a camera or mobile phone.

How can you submit your own created emote to Supercell?

Submitting your emote is a straightforward process. Once you’ve created your emote and are happy with it, you can submit it to the Supercell Make website. Your submission must consist of a static icon, three key animation frames, and a description. You can also add optional assets, such as sketches or videos, to help grab voters’ attention.

If your emote is selected by Supercell, you’ll earn money for your creation. The amount of money you earn will depend on the popularity of your emote, as voted by the Clash Royale community. The more votes your emote receives, the higher your earnings will be. So, not only do you get to showcase your creative skills and contribute to the Clash Royale universe, but you also have the opportunity to earn money for your efforts.


Clash Royale’s Supercell MAKE campaign is a great opportunity for players to showcase their creativity and earn money. By following the guidelines for creating an emote and submitting it with the required assets, players can share their unique vision with the community and potentially win a cash prize. Get started today and see what kind of emote you can create for Clash Royale!

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