Clash Royale Update and Maintenance Break Guide: How Long is the usual Clash Royale Maintenance Break? 

How Long is the usual Clash Royale Maintenance Break? 
Clash Royale Update and Maintenance Break

Clash Royale is one of the most played mobile games, a unique card-based strategy game that has several decks and troops for the players. The game usually undergoes a maintenance break and updates, as the servers of Clash Royale go offline often. This is to ensure that the game doesn’t hold any issues or bugs in its servers.

Usually, the Supercell team gives a mandatory Clash Royale update every week and the maintenance break also comes often for the players to sort out the bugs and the technical issues in the game.

How Long is the usual Clash Royale Maintenance Break in 2022? 

Supercell usually brings out the maintenance break on Clash Royale for over 45 minutes, but also at times the maintenance break of Clash Royale goes past the 1 hour time duration too.

So the average time for a maintenance break from the Clash Royale servers will be over 1 hour every time, if the update needs more time then the duration might cross the 1-hour time too if any technical issue arises.

What is the Usual Update Release Time for Clash Royale in 2022?

The updates of Clash Royale come out every month from the developers’ Supercell, and the time varies for each region. Players may expect new balance changes update in the first week of every month.

Weekly and monthly updates for Clash Royale may include information on rewards, cards, decks, or troop updates.

How can you Download the new Update in Clash Royale

The regular updates from Clash Royale can be downloaded from the Google play store itself by the players, sometimes the Clash Royale updates will be shown on the game tab, and players can click and download from the same.

Else some Clash Royale players prefer to download the APK from third-party websites. But it’s always advisable to download the Clash Royale updates from the play store.

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