Clash Royale Star Points Guide : How to Get Star Points Faster in 2022?

Clash Royale Star points
Clash Royale Star points

The star points in Clash Royale is a multipurpose points that players use to upgrade the cosmetics, resource items, and star levels in the game. Many users don’t have much of star points and yet find it hard to get more star points easily in Clash Royale, here are some of the best ways to get more star points faster in 2022 for Clash Royale.

How to get Star points faster in Clash Royale 2022 – Tips to Get More Star Points

All these tips and tricks will help you to unlock more star points in Clash Royale 2022 which also appears to be the game’s major currency,

– basically reaching King level 6 will give more star points for any player which might also take a long time yet

– playing more tournaments, challenges, events, and global tournaments of Clash Royale participate in all of the tournaments and get the star points

– use trade tokens to unlock more star points

– complete all the special event challenges from the tab of Clash Royale and get more than 100-star points

– trade towers to get in more star points

– upgrading your card levels in Clash Royale easily gives more Star Points in return

– collect all the max level cards to earn more star points

– donate cards to get more star points, donating cards based on rarity will give you more star points

All Uses of Star Points in Clash Royale 2022!

The star points act as the major in-game currencies of Clash Royale, here are its benefits

– unlock the cosmetics for cards with more star points, as the star points are predominantly only used for the cosmetics

– use the star points to upgrade the star levels of Clash Royale, as without stat points one can’t upgrade the star levels in Clash Royale

– add bling to cards after reaching level 13

So, that’s everything about the Star points in Clash Royale. Let’s know in the comment section below if you have any queries related to Star points in Clash Royale.¬†

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