Clash Royale Star Levels guide: Best Star Level skins, how to get them, and more

Clash Royale Star Levels
Clash Royale Star Levels

The Star Levels in Clash Royale are one of the richest sources of cosmetics, as the star levels are entirely used only for cosmetics uses and purposes in the game.

If a player upgrades their card’s star level, the visual appearance keeps improving, all the cards of Clash Royale have a one-star level, and some cards do have two or three-star levels in Clash Royale.

So, Players should make sure that at least one of your cards in Clash Royale gets upgraded using these star levels to make them bright and glowing, as skills alone don’t suffice in any games, so these star levels make your card glowing and glowing with its gold and bright appearances.

Clash Royale Star Levels guide: Here’s everything you should know

In short, Star levels make your card shine bright, told, and white, also some of the cards are getting golden particles, armors too.

What are Star Levels in Clash Royale?

As already said, the star levels are completely for cosmetics, as your cards on Clash Royale are easily upgraded using these star levels. Those Cosmetics fans who are interested will definitely be getting benefitted from all these star levels of the game.

No hitpoints and damages can be done using the star levels, also only 45,000-star points bring you one card in the game. With the star points, your star levels are also automatically upgraded too.

The Star points level 1, the visual is bright and luminous, but the Star points in Clash Royale can only be obtained after a player reaches King Level 6. Make sure to attain the king level 6 to get more star points.

Basically star levels are only for those players who wholly concentrate on cosmetics, aesthetics, beauty, and designs in the game, as you just can’t use the star levels to exploit rankings or damages in the game.

How to Get Star Levels In Clash Royale?

Star levels are always available in more numbers with your cards, winning more games, XP, and reaching levels will grant and give you more star levels.

However, you may upgrade the star levels by going to the cards tab in Clash Royale, then choosing your favorite card, and upgrading it using the available star points.

Also do remember that a minimum of 5000-star points are always necessary to upgrade to the first-star level, 10000-star points to the 2nd-star level, and 20000 stat points for the 3rd-star level.

The trade tokens, reaching King and legendary level, and purchasing max level cards of Clash Royale will easily give you more and more star points in the game. Also apart from the star points, your card level must be at a minimum for level 1, then 10 and 13 for the next two star levels.

Some best Star Level Skins

Rockets, Skeleton Army, Magic Archer, Cannon Cart, and Goblin Gang are some of the best star-level character skins and card decks to use in Clash Royale 2022.

These are the widely used star level skins for their favorite cards by Clash Royale players, though there are 100s of cards available, players prefer to use the star levels on these. Don’t forget that star points are always hard to earn on Clash Royale, so use the star points in a shrewd way, so that some of your best legendary cards get on these star levels in the game.

With this, the complete guide to star levels in Clash Royale 2022 has been wrapped. The complete star level uses, how to get Star Levels, best star level character, skins, and card decks have been shared.

Pick on the best star levels by earning more star points, use the star levels and star points on the best cards of Clash Royale in 2022, then automatically the cosmetics improvements with its upgrades get done easily.

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