Clash Royale Secret Badge Guide 2022 : How to get Ester Egg in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Secret Badge Ester Egg
Clash Royale Secret Badge Ester Egg

Given that there are many badges in the game, the hidden badge in Clash Royale is one of the greatest things to explore. However, there are more secret badges that resemble easter eggs. A secret badge is a top-secret feature in Clash Royale; these easter eggs-like items are totally shrouded with blue crowns. They may be unlocked by completing specific tasks and game challenges.

Clash Royale Secret Badge Guide: How to get Easter Egg in Clash Royale?

First, go to the settings of Clash Royale, and proceed to select the credits. Watch out for the credits completely till the all names pop out, then you will be unlocking the easter eggs in Clash Royale.

The credits video in Clash Royale hardly takes about a minute, just relax and sit back on the couch in a cool manner to get the easter eggs in Clash Royale 2022, then the easter eggs badges will also open up automatically at the end.

How to Upgrade or Level Up Secret Badge in Clash Royale?

The secret eastern egg badges from Clash Royale do have only one level as of now. Though maybe in the near future, the secret badge might get upgraded to level 2 and the following next levels.

Requirements to Upgrade Easter Eggs in Clash Royale 2022 – Easy Steps!

As of now, there seem to be no ways to upgrade the easter egg badges in Clash Royale for 2022, maybe if players play more games or increase the card levels by upgrading it, just like the other Clash Royale badges, the eastern egg badges can also be upgraded too.

If there are enough ways and procedures to upgrade and level up the secret badges and the easter eggs, the developer’s Supercell team will roll out the same feature in the future.

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