Clash Royale October Update Balance Changes: Check out the Season 40 Patch Notes!

Clash Royale October Update Balance Changes
Clash Royale October Update Balance Changes

Supercell has finally revealed to all the Clash Royale players about the October month’s updates and balance changes. So, here’s all about the Clash Royale October Update balance changes & more leaks.

The major fixes in the October months Clash Royale patch update version are Cannon Cart, Bandit, Mega Knight, Inferno Tower, Troop Pathfinding, etc.

Clash Royale October Update Balance Changes – Season 40 Patch Notes!

With this update,  each and every troop, and character has gotten their own buffs and updates for Clash Royale season 40 in October with their own balance changes.

Electro Wizard – Attack Speed reduced from 1.8s to 2s (for the first hit only). Damage power also got diminished by 4%.

Lightning – Radius -0.5 radius, Damage reduced by further 3%

Sparky – Sparky has gotten its buff with an increased ability of attack speed from 5s to 4s, but the damage of Sparky has also been reduced by 15%

Valkyrie – she got an upward increase in damage power by 15%

Graveyard – time duration is by +0.5s, which means there’s an extra Skeleton, also the radius has reduced from 5 to 4 Tiles now

Tesla – attack speed gradually reduced from 0.8s to 1.0s. Damage has been increased by 30%.

Tesla will become a viable card now, as it’s able to do the one-shot goblins from now onwards.

Spear Goblins -Attack speed will be further increased from 1.3s to 1.1s, also it’s an indirect buff to the Goblin Hut in the game.

Cannon Cart – +5% health points, Shield points

Barbarian Hut – is now 6 elixir cost, spawn count 3, spawn seconds 14, lifetime 30 secs, total spawned is 8

Knight – HP is increasing by 3% from 651 to 670 Healing Points

Elixir Golem – Hit time is 1.1 sec

Goblin Gang – 3 spear goblins, 3 new goblins

Cannons – HP is nerfed totally with around a 14% decline

Royal Hogs – hit time is 0.4 sec from 0. 25 sec

Mortar – HP reduction of 13%

Mighty Miner – HP Reduced further by 8%, HP level 11 from 2400 to 2200, HP level 13 from 3192 to 2926

Major bug fixes in the Clash Royale October Update

Troops Pathfinding fixes – going towards an unexpected lane.

Inferno Tower, Inferno Dragon Fixes, the damage was not reset after passing into a shield( Guards, Dark Prince, Cannon Cart).

Cannon Cart fixes – Troops rarely stop targeting the cannon cart, and sometimes get stuck behind a broken cannon cart.

Bandit, Mega Knight fixes – dashing & jumping a shorter distance from now onwards than these both used to it before.

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