Clash Royale October 2022: Balance changes, Season 40 release date, and more

clash royale season 40 October update balance changes
Clash Royale season 40 October update balance changes

The new month has begun, and as expected Supercell is ready with their plans for Clash Royale’s new season patch. Clash Royale has just released the complete patch notes for the Season 40 update, hence confirming the October 2022 balance changes.

Supercell claims that the spawner meta (which includes Barb Hut, Goblin Hut, Furnace, and Tombstone) has made the game less enjoyable and more defensive, and they also don’t want to keep this card in the lower tiers of the Arena.

Therefore, the October update to Clash Royale attempts to promote more aggressive gameplay with the Barbarian Hut by eliminating its defensive ability through numerous adjustments, while offering significant importance if it remains unchanged. Below you can find the complete October 2022 balance changes in the Season 40 update of Clash Royale.

Clash Royale October 2022 balance changes: Here are all buffs and nerfs



  • Spear Goblins count:¬† (2 -> 3)

For quite some time, the greenest group in the Arena has been demoted to a lower-tier card. Clash Royale is bringing back the third Spear Goblin, who left the group five years ago, to assist them in reclaiming their previous glory.


  • Attack speed: ¬†(+15%, all forms)

Elixir Golem was slightly weak due to the new elixir split. When he arrives at a Crown Tower, the damage will increase as the Hit Speed of all three forms (Elixir Golem, Elixir Golemite, and Elixir Blob) increases.



  • Hitpoints: (-8%)


  • Hitpoints (of the destroyed form):¬† (-8%)

Due to its low elixir cost and high durability, the cannon is presently one of the most often used structures. Its Hitpoints are being decreased to make it more weak and provide space for other defensive strategies.¬†The Cannon Cart’s damaged appearance will likewise be affected by this update.


  • First Hit:¬† (-60% slower)

In the meta, even these piggies have shown to be incredibly potent, frequently necessitating an ideal response from the enemy to prevent them from hitting a Crown Tower. Defensive forces and Crown Towers will have a little bit more time to destroy them if the first hit is delayed.


  • Hitpoints: (-8%)

Finally, the Mighty Miner has found a secure position in the Arena. It turns out that he is a little too strong.


  • Hitpoints: (-7%)

Due to the emergence of new decks using the Skeleton King over the recent months, the Mortar has risen in recognition and power. He will stay on the field for a shorter period of time and is more readily destroyed if its Hitpoints are decreased.


  • Elixir Cost: (7 -> 6)
  • Spawn Speed: ¬†(11sec -> 15sec)
  • Spawn Count: ¬†(2 -> 3)
  • Lifetime: (40sec -> 30sec)
  • Spawn on Death: (Barbarian x2 -> Barbarian x1)
  • Total Barbarians spawned: ¬†(10 -> 8)

When will Season 40 start in Clash Royale?

According to the official Twitter account, the October balance changes and season 40 will goes live in Clash Royale on 4 October 2022. Season 39 will end on 3 October so enjoy the current meta of the game until the new patch debuts.

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