Clash Royale Night Witch vs Witch: Which one is best?

Clash Royale Night Witch vs Witch
Clash Royale Night Witch vs Witch

Clash Royale has many decks, cards, and characters in the game. Still, the night witch and watch are one of the most powerful characters of the game. Some Clash Royale players say that witch is the best, else while the rest stay with the night witch as the best. Now let’s see which witch is the best in Clash Royale Night Witch or Witch.

Clash Royale Night Witch vs Witch: Here’s a comparison of the best

Speaking about the comparison of the witch counterparts from Clash Royale,

– the witch is an epic card and it’s been available since Jan 2016, while the night witch is a legendary card deck and was released in Clash Royale in May 2017.

– the elixir cost for witch is 5 and for night witch is 4

– both night witch and witch are troops,

– witch is of spell valley arena, night witch is of serenity peak arena

Now, which witch is the best from Clash Royale in 2022?

When we talk about these troops with their stats, abilities, and damage per second

– the witch has 98 DPS, whilst the night witch has 190 DPS, clearly night witch dominates when it comes to damage ability

– now coming to hitpoints, witch has 650+ HP, while the night witch is way ahead with 760 HP

– now let’s see the spawning comparison between the two witch of Clash Royale,

1. Witch has 0.25 for each Skelton card, while night witch has 0.4 elixirs for each bat

2. Spawned Skeletons’ time for witch is 40, for night witch 10 seconds of spawning time for its bats

So finally the result is, the night witch once again dominates the witch in the spawning time too.

– attacking abilities of both witch and night witch are almost on the same ship, so no one is a winner here

Night Witch Vs Witch- Who’s the final winner?¬†

With so many stats and abilities favoring the night witch rather than the witch troop, it’s easy and safer to say and conclude that night witch has an upper hand over the witch troops, and yes finally night witch is the best witch in Clash Royale.

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