Clash Royale new update for November 2022: Release date, balance changes, and more

Clash Royale new update for October-November 2022
Clash Royale new update for November 2022

Supercell is prepared to deploy a fresh upgrade as this month draws to a close. The November 2022 patch notes for the Clash Royale game highlight the arrival of new cards, ranked mode, and a tonne of intriguing features.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Clash Royale November 2022 update including its release date, official patch notes, and everything you should know.

Clash Royale’s new update for November 2022: Release date and time

Supercell has announced that the new November update for Clash Royale is scheduled to launch on October 26. Although the developers have not yet confirmed the time for the update’s release, gamers may anticipate the update to arrive by 5 A.M. PT or 5.30 P.M. IST based on scheduling trends in the past.

The most likely release date and time for the forthcoming Clash Royale update are thus those dates and times. The two new cards are probably the largest drive in terms of fresh content that you can anticipate seeing.

Clash Royale’s new update for November 2022 PATCH NOTES



Monk is a brand new Champion who has spent years studying his unique fighting style in his Arena, the Silent Sanctuary. This Arena is where he will be unlockable on the Trophy Road at 6500 Trophies!

When attacking, Monk unleashes a powerful 3-hit combo that pushes back enemies with the final strike! This final super-punch includes a pushback that deals extra damage to every affected unit (like the Log).

Monk channels his meditative powers through Pensive Protection, creating a protective aura around himself and nearby allies, reducing Damage taken, and reflecting any projectile that comes his way.


Phoenix is a new Legendary flying unit with Melee Attacks. Once defeated, it will explode in a fiery… fire… and deal Area Damage to nearby units and buildings, retreating into a Phoenix Egg.

If this Egg is not destroyed in time, Phoenix will be reborn (bet you didn’t see that one coming) at full Hitpoints, ready to fight again!


The Path of Legends replaces the old League system on Trophy Road and consists of 10 Leagues, with the Hall of Fame in the final League containing the best players in the world.

At the end of each Ranked Season, all players will restart their journey through the Path of Legends. Based on your season finish, you will receive a Win Multiplier that will help you progress to where you were before the reset. The Win Multiplier will decrease after each Battle you win.


When reaching Arena 15 at 5000 Trophies, you will unlock the new Path of Legends by tapping the icon next to the Battle button on the main screen. The Party! the button is now available from the hamburger menu (top right on the main screen). Each League is level capped, which means that your Cards or Tower Power can not go above a certain level defined by the League you are in.


In the Ultimate Champion League, players are awarded a rating based on the number of wins and losses they accumulated on their journey to the top League, starting from Master II (League 5).

This rating will evolve depending on the win rate and will reset with each ranked Season.

If you’re among the best 10,000 players, you will be awarded a rank and enter the Hall of Fame! The Top 1000 ranked players will appear in a Global Leaderboard, displayed at the end of the Path of Legends.

Players can find the complete patch notes for the Clash Royale new update for November month on the game’s official website.

What will happen to trophies with this upcoming Clash Royale update?

Supercell will do a final Trophy reset for all players in the current Leagues on October 26th, when the next update goes live.

You will be able to earn prizes starting from 5000 Trophies and onwards once more since this will function similarly to a regular Season reset.

Instead of utilizing your most recent trophy count, we will utilize it this time, and the maximum trophy count after the reset will be 6600. On November 7th, the first Ranked Season in the Path of Legends will start, and your Trophies will not reset.

All of your prior badges and accomplishments will remain with you, but the current Season will not be taken into account. This means that even if you are the top player in the Leagues on October 26th, it won’t be taken into consideration and you won’t get the “Number 1” badge.

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