How To Change Clash Royale Name In 2022? – Tricks to change Clash Royale Names

Change Clash Royale Name In 2022
Change Clash Royale Name In 2022

Are you facing any issues in changing your name in Clash Royale in 2022? This post will surely help you with the solution. Clash Royale Players are often keen on changing their IGN names, as a catchy profile name will definitely make other Clash Royale players look at your side. So there ain’t any rule like, only once a name can be changed in Clash Royale. So here in this article, we will explain.

How To Change Clash Royale Name In 2022?

So changing the profile name on Clash Royale is not a big deal, but once after the first change, every time the number of gems, you need to spend keeps varying from 500 to 1000, and likewise, it keeps progressing.

Always make sure to have a good amount of gems on your Clash Royale inventory in order to change your name in Clash Royale Game 2022.

Here are the steps to change your profile name

– Launch your Clash Royale game

– Click on the fight tab which is resembled a red and blue colored sword,

– And, then proceed to select the settings button

– Change your ING Clash Royale name to/as your favorite name

That’s the easy way to change Clash Royale game name in 2022, also once it’s done, after 6 hours, you can’t change your name again, so make sure to not make any mistakes or wrong names while giving your name on Clash Royale.

For the very first time in Clash Royale, you can set a free name, and then after attaining the Level 4 King, another free chance to set name on Clash Royale will be given. After that, you must spend Clash Royale gems to change your names.

 How many gems does it cost to change your name in Clash Royale? 

As you all may well be aware of the fact that, first time name changing is absolutely and completely free in Clash Royale game, and for 2nd time you must use 500 Clash Royale gems, for the third time 1000 gems, likewise it soars to 1500 and 2000 gems respectively.

So, it’s always safer to choose the best names for your Clash Royale gaming profile career, so that unnecessarily, your gems don’t get wasted in the Clash Royale game.

Changing the Ign names can be a Lil bit easier than compared to changing the name colors in Clash Royale,

To change the colors of your IGN profile names in Clash Royale, firstly there are a total of 8 different colors maximum on Clash Royale. And all the colors are also denoted by a code number format too.

For example,

C2 represents Red

C3 represents Green

C4 represents


C5 represents Cyan

C6 represents Purple

C7 represents Yellow

C8 represents Pink

C9 represents Burgundy

Once after choosing your desired colours, enter it, in this format in the “New name bar” for Clash Royale,


Where x donates the colour code’s number and its name too,


<c3> Vampire </c>

For more than one color, you must go with this format in Clash Royale game,

<c3>Vampire <c4>67 </c>

Once done with all these, then continue and finish the process of changing name colours in Clash Royale game. That’s it.

Get the best Clash Royale names using Name Generators

A best way to get the best names, symbols or fonnts for your  Clash Royale name  is by using name generator apps or websites online, nickfinder is one such effective and efficient online name generator, and also a prominent one for Clash Royale game too.

So with these topics, we have covered several things like how to change names in Clash Royale 2022.

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