Clash Royale Beginner guide 2022: Decks, How to win, tips, and more

Clash Royale Beginner guide 2022: Decks, How to win, tips, and more
Clash Royale beginner guide 2022

Clash Royale is an amazing game for the Supercell team, to those beginners, inexperienced, novice players, here’s the complete guide of Clash Royale game about how to win, the best decks and cards, the best troops, tips and tricks to win easily in Clash Royale 2022.

Clash Royale Beginner guide 2022: 5 best decks for beginners in Clash Royale

1. Valkyrie

One of the best female decks, the Valkyrie deck has some of the best troops like hogs, valkyrie, fireball, log, zap, minions and wizards.

2. Double Prince Deck

This prince deck is a great option to destroy buildings, use the double prince deck with giants, miners, fireballs, and electro wizards.

3. Xbow MP Bats Cycle

Xbow is a highly dangerous deck for enemies, when Xbox and Minipekka combine, then it’s an explosion in Clash Royale. Use ice Golem, barbarians, goblins, and fireball troops for the Xbox deck.

4. Battle Ram 

Unlock the Battle Ram deck from the hog mountain arena, battle ram deck goes very well with mini Pekka, knight, inferno dragons, baby dragons, and arrows.

5. Electro Giant Deck

Electro giant deck has some of the best troops to go for the attacks and battles. Ice Spirit, hog rider, skeletons, golem, and princess goblin are all the best cards for this deck.

How to win every match in Clash Royale?

Winning all the matches is not at all possible in any game, as you need sheer luck especially since your opponents must be weaker and fragile when compared to you.

Similarly in Clash Royale, winning all the games can be done with the best decks, cards, troops, attacks, and strategies.

Play to your strengths, use spells, attack the towers, and use more powerful decks.

3 strategy tips for beginners in Clash Royale

1. Use the best deck, know your opponent’s strength and play to it, attack the towers always

2. Mini Pekka, Knight, Inferno dragons, and baby dragons should be the most preferred decks and cards with the troops

3. Don’t care about losing initially, as losing in Clash Royale helps players a lot.

So, that’s enough for any Clash Royale beginner, let’s know in the comment section if still have any queries.

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