Clash Royale Banner Token guide: How to spend banner tokens in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale Banner Token guide
Clash Royale Banner Token guide

Banner Tokens from Clash Royale are essential to unlock the banner, as banner tokens are always used as the game’s currency to unlock the banners. One can unlock up to 200 banner tokens in a time on Clash Royale, and unlock more than 200 if all the banners for each season are unlocked. Here is all about Clash Royale banner tokens, a banner token guide, and easy methods to get banner tokens in Clash Royale 2022.

Clash Royale Banner Token guide: How to Spend Banner Tokens in Clash Royale?

The banner tokens in Clash Royale can be spent for various in-game items like unlocking the banner, getting the frames and decorations, opening the banner box, and many more. Though banner tokens are majorly used by Clash Royale players to open the banner box, and also get all the unique frames, decorations, and items for the current season.

How to get Banner Tokens in Clash Royale in 2022?

The banner tokens in the game are primarily earned from the tournaments, events, challenges, and special challenges, and finally earn the banner tokens from the mastery task rewards.

Complete all the challenges, and participate in all of the Clash Royale tournaments to get more banner tokens.

As more banner tokens help you to unlock the banners of Clash Royale, which are the major currencies of the game too.

At a time Clash Royale allows you to keep only 200 banner tokens in your inventory.

If players need more banner tokens, then they must exhaust all the current banner tokens from their inventory to hold more of them.

Can Masteries help you get banner tokens?

The third set of mastery tasks from Clash Royale grants you the banner tokens, that too only for any of the 10 cards. Apart from this, you may unlock banner tokens from the special challenges of the game. All these are the best ways to earn unlimited banner tokens in Clash Royale.

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