COC World Championship 2022 : Start Date, prize pool Format and More!

Clash Of Clans World Championship 2022
Clash Of Clans World Championship

A new tournament will be making its debut for COC Esports enthusiasts. Supercell had already spoken about COC World Championship 2022 and the format change it will undergo.

So those ain’t aware of the new format, start date, prize pool, and a lot more about the new tournament in 2022, here let’s go with Clash of Clans World Championship 2022: Start Date, Format, and More!

COC World Championship 2022 Format Change!

Supercell is exclusively Collaborating with some of the major community tournaments, thereby including all of them in the Clash of Clans Championship finals 2022. The prize pool of the COC tournament is expected to be $1 million which will be distributed in the finals.

As per the grapevine from supercell, 4 community tournaments and the winners of them will directly book a ticket flight to the CoC world championship finals 2022 through the Golden Ticket feature.

Whilst the remaining 4 spots are to be occupied via a six-week tournament event which will also be featured by the Supercell.

As told already, 4 community tournaments in the form of the Queso Cup Golden Edition tournament, Clash MSTRS: Gold Edition, Snapdragon Pro Series Event 2022, and finally the Queso Cup Golden Edition II will give away 4 teams to the CoC world championship tournament finals 2022.

And the balance 4 teams for the CoC world championship tournament finals 2022 event will be selected by an another event called the “Six weeks of Clash Mayhem” powered by Supercell themselves, which is happening from August 2022 as to celebrate and commemorate the 10 year successful anniversary event of the Mega Village/City based strategic game Clash of Clans.

Clash Of Clans World Championship 2022 Finals Date & More Exclusive Deets!

CoC World Championship finals 2022 will commence from September 23rd to 25th in Helsinki, Finland, it will be a live event too, where the audience can witness this grandeur CoC World Championship Finals 2022 event live.

A total of 8 teams from “Community Tournaments and Six Weeks of Clash Mayhem”, will battle and tussle it out hard for a cash prize of $1 Million.


That’s everything we know about the Clash of Clans World Championship Finals 2022 event. Let’s wait for more on CoC Championship Finals 2022 event, as the start date is approaching.

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