Clash of Clans update Home Village Changes shows new “Remove All” feature

Clash of Clans update Home Village Changes
Clash of Clans update Home Village Changes

Clash of Clans new update Home Village Changes: The Home Village is the center of Clash of Clans, and the devs want to keep making every aspect of the game as thrilling and interesting as they can. The developers have got some significant updates in this release that will affect improving your Home Village and preparing the troops. So let’s get started. All Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir training expenses for troops, spells, and siege vehicles have been eliminated in this patch by Supercell. Training your troops will no longer cost any elixir or dark elixir as of this patch¬†release.

Clash of Clans new update Home Village Changes

Eliminating training expenses will give you more freedom to test out those crazy ideas you’ve been coming up with, allowing the gamers to explore wild new approaches.

There are still requirements for housing and training time for the Army.
Now, only training time will be impacted by the Training Boost benefit from the Season Tasks.
When giving to a Clanmate, individuals will no longer get their resources back.
The Clan Perks no longer provide donation returns.
Training for troops or spells will no longer be deducted by events.
In the Legend League, elixir loot has indeed been decreased to equal gold loot.

What are the changes made to Elixir Cost in the Home Village Changes update?

Supercell has made some changes in the Clash of Clans update Home Village that mostly affect lower Town Hall levels because the absence of training charges increased the amount of Elixir that was available:

  • Walls may be improved with either gold or elixir beginning at Town Hall level 5.
  • Elixir is now required for all level upgrades in Clan Castle. The needed quantity of elixir is equal to the price of the former gold.

What is the “Remove All” Function for Army Training?

Players won’t have to take out your Army’s units one at a time any longer! In the past, emptying your whole Army required laboriously removing each unit one by one by hand.

You’ll see a new trash icon placed beside each category on your trained Military section (Troops, Spells, & Siege Machines). By pressing the button, all trained units will be deleted. It’s now easier than ever to delete your old roster and build a brand-new one!

What is Scenery Randomizer function and how to use it?

Similar to how the Hero Skin Randomizer works, so do the Scenery Randomizer. From the Town Hall, you may activate the Scenery Randomizer. One can choose among the Sceneries you have earned by activating the Scenery Randomizer after the Clash of Clans update Home Village Changes patch. The Randomizer would pick a Scenery randomly from the ones you’ve chosen whenever your Home Village is loaded. Remember that just the Scenery you choose will be randomly chosen; you may only choose from those you’ve acquired.

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