Clash of Clans Qualifier Challenge for September 2022: Leaderboard, Winners and more

Clash of Clans Qualifier Challenge for September 2022
Clash of Clans Qualifier Challenge for September 2022

The Clash Of Clans Championship Qualifier Challenges are underway right now for September 2022, here’s all about the championship qualifier challenge 2022.

So the top 100 winners of the CoC Championship Qualifier challenge get some rewards, also those who do the 3-star with their defensive layout, townhall, and village base of this championship challenge, they will also be getting some rewards.

Clash of Clans Qualifier Challenge for September 2022 – Leaderboard & Winners!

As the championship qualifier challenge in COC is now midway, expect the leaderboard around this weekend, also many websites are holding their own challenges with some rewards and prizes.

The total number of winners will only be decided by the month’s end, so still, there’s an ample amount of time for you all to top the charts and leaderboard of the Clash Of Clans Qualifier Challenge Event for September 2022.

Let’s wait for more updates on the CoC Championship qualifier challenge event in the coming days from the Supercell team and also about the official news and leaks of Town Hall 15 Level from the developers, which too is also set to hit from October 2022 Officially.

How to win qualifier challenges in Clash of Clans?

Here are some of the best tips to win qualifier challenges.  Some trips and tricks to win huge in this COC champion qualifier challenge are by having a strong town hall base with all troops upgraded, and protecting your buildings, also be beware of the super witches and archers.

  • The Grand Warden and Healer should be used near 3’0 Clock Wizard Tower, also make sure your baby dragon is on air too.
  • Then some archers with 3 balloons near the 6’0 clock cannon, with some lightning spells can also be deployed near all the wizard towers too.
  • Instantly go for counter-attacking by dropping some earthquake spells, and lightning spells, use your archers to attack the town hall, and keep an eye on the clock timer too.
  • Baby Dragons, cannons and barracks can be used as your defense for the championship challenge of CoC to win big now.

Also use the newly added siege barracks, also the multi-attacking combo of 10 Healers / 2 x PEKKA / 6 Bowlers / 1 x Jump Spell / 4 x EQ Spells/1 Baby Dragon can also be deployed too.

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