Clash of clans pets guide 2022: How to get, pet house, upgrade, levels, and more

Clash of clans pets guide 2022: How to get, pet house, upgrade, levels, and more
Clash of clans pets guide 2022

As Clash of Clans recently hit the 10th year of successful journey, now let’s explore some of the aspects and features of COC that many are not aware till date. This COC-related guide is all about pets, pet houses, pet levels, etc.

Clash of Clans Pet Guide 2022

Pet House in Clash Of Clans!

Some old COC players who probably have left the game don’t know about the pet house and pets of Clash of Clans probably, here’s everything about the CoC Pet House first.

As every COC player has their own fav pet, this pet house allows you to earn more pets, also the pets come up with different abilities and skills, such that you are taking it to battle against your enemies in the CoC village.

A Pet house in CoC is literally an army building in your Village, but the pet house gets unlocked only at Town Hall Level 14 of CoC, then you may equip on your favorite pets, and assign and pair them with your heroes for battle fights.

How to get Pets in Clash of Clans?

The only requirement to get pets in COC is to reach level 14 Town Hall first, then the new building at your Village gets unlocked which is the Pet House.

Once TH 14 is done, then you are easily getting on your first pet of Clash Of Clans which is named L.A.S.S.I. Also, every time your CoC Pet House level gets upgraded, you are automatically unlocking the following pets.

 What is the max level for pets in Clash of Clans?

Once you reach the 14 TH level on CoC, the first level pet which is the L.A.S.S.I get unlocked, after hustling for some time the next 3 level pets which are the Electro Owl, Mighty Yak, and Unicorn gets unlocked, all these 4 level pets in CoC have their own skill sets and abilities in the game.

 Clash of Clans pet upgrade, cost, and time required

As the pets have their own abilities, also the pets in CoC do have upgrade cost, upgrade time, hitpoints & much more too.

So reach 14 TH Level first, unlock the L.A.S.S.I pet first, L.A.S.S.I can be upgraded further for around 15 Elixir in the game, and the total upgrade time for the same is expected to take around 2 weeks or 13 days, L.A.S.S.I also have 800 hitpoints as its abilities.

Then the Level 2 pet on Clash Of Clans is the Electro Owl, which takes 17 elixirs for an upgrade, and the upgrade time for around 15-17 days, 850 hitpoints is the major highlight for the electro owl.

Then the level 3 CoC pet is the mighty yak, mighty yak requires around 18 elixirs as upgrade cost, upgrade time around 17 days, also with hitpoints of 900.

Then the 4th and final level pet in Clash of Clans is the Unicorn, unicorn has always been the best pet for heroes of the CoC Village City, as Unicorn needs around 19 elixirs for upgrading, and also 19 days total time for upgrading too once again. And the Unicorn pet holds the highest hitpoints amongst the other pets of CoC, as Unicorn has a mammoth 1000 Hitpoints, which is by and so far the best for all the pets in the game.

 The best and most powerful pets in Clash of clans that you could prefer

As at the moment, there are only 4 pets in the CoC game itself, you just can’t bring out the top and best 3 pets of Clash Of Clans, as each is unique in its own way.

But the Unicorn is the top most powerful and best pet of COC till date 2022, also the other 3 pets on CoC also have been good so far, expect more pets in CoC from 2022 end onwards as the Town Hall Level 15 update is also coming soon too, as all are awaiting the official Clash Of Clans Town Hall 15 Level Release Date from the developer’s Supercell Team, which is hopefully soon or sooner.

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