What is the best way to get 3 Stars in the Clash of Clans Magic Challenge? – Easy Steps!

Clash of Clans Magic Challenge unlock and 3 star
Clash of Clans Magic Challenge l Image credit: Itzu (Youtube)

The latest Clash of Clans magic Challenge is out now, as the Supercell team has released the Town Hall 15 challenges to the villagers. It’s all about how players 3 stars in this challenge, so here’s the guide on the best way to get 3 stars in the Clash of Clans magic challenge.

Best way to get 3 Stars in the Clash of Clans Magic Challenge – Easy Steps!

First unleash your small Troops, then deploy the balloons and dragons, damaging the smaller buildings.

Then let the grand warden into the landing mode, go for the first attack, and use archers for faster attacks.

Employ the magical and invisible spell to take on the titans, then allow your queen to take on the opponents’ town hall.

Then further to complete the Magic Challenge in Clash of Clans, use another invisible spell with the summon spell, then use wall breakers to break through, and use the balloon dragons for the best attacks on Town Hall.

Then allow your dragons, barbarian king, wall breakers, and finally the grand commander to make way and enter the balance area.

Use the wizards to break through the walls, then attack all their small towers. Once the town hall is demolished, you are getting the 3 stars. If not 3 starts, try to get 2 stars at least in the ongoing magic challenge from Clash of Clans.

When Can you unlock the magic challenge in COC?

Basically, the magic challenge from COC is unlocked at Town Hall level 7, but this challenge is a part of the town hall level 15 updates, players with town hall level 8 will be able to get access to this new challenge. Then with the best set of troops, players can win the 3 stars in the new Clash of Clans magic challenge for October 2022.

The most awaited huge update is all about Clash of Clans Town Hall Level 15, which is awaited officially from the team of Supercell, hopefully, it will also be coming very sooner.

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