Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2022: Townhall 15 Finally Arriving!

Clash of Clans Hammer Jam Update 2022: Townhall 15 Finally Arriving
Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2022: Townhall 15 releasing soon

As soon as Clash of World Championship for 2022 got over, COC was quick enough to post a video with the title “Don’t Sleep On It!”. Swipe down to know everything about Clash Of Clans Town Hall Level 15 release date, Hammer Jam 2022 event date, and updates. When players of CoC looked on to the video, it was revealed that it may have teased about the Hammer Jam update before the Town Hall 15 can officially released.

Yes, the new TH15 with Hammer Jam 2022 update teaser has been teased yesterday. Two Builders were seen hitting the clock over 5 times, which further indicates that the hammer jam update in CoC for 2022 could be all about a reduction in time.

As time reduction and cost reduction are only available for the Hammer Jam of Clash Of Clans, this video further confirms that is all only about Time Reduction.

Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2022: Townhall 15 May Finally Be Arriving soon

The premier teased number 15, as the clock’s long hand pointed towards 1 and the short hand pointed towards 5. Hence, the Clash of Clans Townhall 15 release is probable. Here’s the Hammer Jam teaser.

Just before Town Hall 15 is all set to release soon in Clash Of Clans Worldwide, now the team of Supercell has planned to tease the leaks of the Hammer Jam update, which is all about time reduction.

Hopefully, an official confirmation on the same Hammer Jam 2022 update from the team of Clash Of Clans arrives sooner than expected.

What is Hammer Jam in Clash Of Clans?

To all those who aren’t aware of what hammer jam actually is from CoC, Hammer Jam is an exclusive event that happens yearly once in Clash Of Clans game, either with the spring or summer, or winter update from the Supercell team. The cost price of upgrades especially all the buildings in Clash of Clans gets reduced through this Hammer Jam event by almost 50% always.

So, all eyes are now on this year’s release date for the Hammer Jam event 2022 in Clash Of Clans, alongside the Town Hall Level 15 release in CoC, which is set to happen very very sooner than expected from Supercell.

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