Clash of Clans Gold pass guide: Why can’t you buy Gold pass in COC?

Clash of Clans Gold pass
Clash of Clans Gold pass

The gold pass in Clash of Clans resembles the monthly subscription plans like any other game.  Once purchase, it is available only for one month and for a maximum of one challenge season. The gold pass can be obtained at the Supercell store or by viewing the seasonal challenge.

Players must also buy the golden pass regularly in CoC as it doesn’t have an automatic renewal feature, for now, CoC players at maximum can have around 8 gold passes.

How to activate the gold pass in COC?

Once you purchase the Clash of Clans gold pass, there’s another task for you to activate them.

– just open your CoC village

– locate to the season challenges tab and get the gold pass

– now you can confirm and get your CoC gold pass from the Supercell team

Why can’t you buy Gold Pass in Clash of Clans?

There are obvious reasons for a CoC player can’t buy the game’s gold pass

– the first and foremost reason is that a CoC player must be at Town Hall level 7 at least in order to make themselves eligible to purchase and obtain the gold pass,

So If you unlock Town Hall level 7 in Clash Of Clans, then you can easily unlock and then get the gold pass, so if you are below town hall level 6 then you may not be able to buy the CoC gold pass in 2022.

Also, make sure to activate the gold pass in CoC settings once after you purchase and buy them all.

Apart from these, there are no obvious reasons that a player of CoC will not be able to purchase the gold pass, as it’s easily available for all users.

How much does the COC Gold pass cost?

The gold pass price in Clash of Clans is listed at $4.99 or 399 INR. Players who are really interested in purchasing the gold pass in CoC can spend this amount and easily.

Let’s know in the comment section below if you still have any queries related to the Gold pass in Clash of Clans.

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