Clash Of Clans Gold Pass Guide: How to unlock, benefits, and everything you should know

Clash Of Clans Gold Pass unlock
Clash Of Clans Gold Pass

Gold Pass in Clash Of Clans can be completely earned during all the seasonal challenges and events of the game. The gold passes in CoC exclusively contain some of the best in-game items, rewards, hero skins, and more resources.

With the gold pass, one can also acquire the silver tier rewards of CoC in addition. So before you make yourselves eligible to get and obtain the gold pass on CoC, make sure that your Town Hall level is 7, such that you may participate in all the seasonal challenges and win the gold pass and upgrade your items. The gold pass in Clash Of Clans can also be acquired from the game’s Supercell store for over $4.99 by paying some cash.

Clash Of Clans Gold Pass Guide: What Town Hall does Gold Pass unlock?

In Clash Of Clans, the Town Hall Level 7 unlocks the monthly golden pass to the players, yes once you breach the TH level 7 mark, you will automatically be able to play all the seasonal challenges and in return also get the monthly golden pass too.

Can you Get Season Bank Without Gold Pass?

Yes, of course, the season bank or the piggy bank in COC can also be made available using the silver tier, multiplayer raids, and battles, playing more games will give you the access to season bank and also fill out the same too.

But the only difference being with the gold pass for the season bank is that, with the help of gold pass you are easily filling out over and around 25M gold and elixir, 250k elixir at max, whilst without the gold pass in CoC, one may fill only up to 5 Million Gold, 5 Million Elixir and 50k Dark Elixir.

Benefits of having a Gold Pass account in Clash Of Clans

The monthly gold pass in COC provides various advantages like Upgrading the seasonal bank, Earning new hero skins, magic items, and resources. Moreover, it also boosts the builder. There are 24 hours in a day, therefore a typical account receives 24 hours for each builder. A Gold pass account may finish constructing for 24 hours in just 19.2 hours, giving the builder roughly 5 hours of vacation.

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