Clash of Clans Goblin Guide: Levels, Damage, Super Goblin and More

Clash of Clans Goblin Guide: Levels, Damage, Super Goblin and More
Clash of Clans Goblin Guide

Goblins are among the powerful COC troops that can be trained using elixir, once barracks are upgraded to level 4 after reaching Town Hall Level 2. You can unlock all these goblins. They have always been useful for damaging buildings, the goblins are upgraded to different levels to make them more powerful. Here’s a quick guide for beginners about Goblin’s different levels, damage, and how to upgrade to Super or Sneaky Goblin in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Goblin Guide: Different Levels of Goblins in COC as of 2022

So a goblin in CoC gets unlocked after reaching barracks 4th level, there are over 8 levels of these goblins. The level 1 goblin doesn’t have great powers, to be honest, and they need an elixir to upgrade themselves. You will get Goblin initially with level 1, and for level 2 it’s 50,000, for level 3 it’s 200,000 similar it goes up to 600,000 for level 4.

Level 5 goblins need 1,200,000 elixir, level 6 goblin needs 1,500,000, level 7 needs 4 000 000, and last level 8 goblins need over 9500000. But the abilities of the goblins keep increasing from level 1 to level 8 in Clash of Clans, and level 8 goblins are the most powerful troop.

Gobin damage increases as you upgrade with increase in the level

The level 1 CoC goblins have 12 damage per second, level 2 goblins have 13 damage per second, level 3 goblin has 15 damage per second, level 4 has 19 damage per second, level 5 has 24 damage per second, level 6 has 31 damage per second, level 7 has 40 damage per second, level 8 has 50 damage per second.

How do you Sneaky a Goblin in Clash Of Clans?

In COC normal goblins are converted to super sneaky goblins after players reach Town Hall Level 11 also by upgrading the normal goblins to level 7. That’s how you convert a normal Goblin to sneaky goblins in Clash of Clans.

Requirements to unlock Sneaky or Super Goblin

As the sneaky goblins are highly powerful boosted troops from CoC, they can be obtained after reaching Town Hall Level, the super Goblins also have invisible abilities and magical powers. The Sneaky goblins are the most powerful Goblin ever to feature from CoC, their damage power and invisible power are the most notable ones.

That’s everything about Goblin in Clash Of Clans, if you have any queries let us know in the comment section below.

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