Clash of Clans Clan Gift Guide 2022 : How to send, requirements, and more details

Clash of Clans Clan Gift Guide 2022
Clash of Clans Clan Gift Guide 2022

Clan gifts in Clash Of Clans are available occasionally at several events of the game. The treasure section of CoC allows players to earn these gifts. Players can pay and get the gifts along with a number of gems on Clash Of Clans. Usually, Supercell limits the gifts only to a couple of Clash Of Clans troop members. However, during the new exclusive COC events during the period of Halloween and Christmas, Supercell gives away free gifts to all the players.

Clash of Clans Gift Guide 2022: How to send Clan Gifts in Clash of Clans? 

Players have to make purchases of a Clan gift from the treasure section. Once you purchase the gifts from the treasure section of the COC item shop, immediately the gifts are sent to clan members of your clan. The gifts in COC after purchasing them from the treasure section reflect in your clan chat. Players should not forget to claim and redeem all the gifts and gems from their clan chat, since they vanish after a certain time.

Can you Gift Troops or Gold in Clash of Clans 2022? – Know it Here!

Sending gifts to your troops on CoC can be done easily, as once you are part of a clan, gifting and donating troops to your clan members should not be an issue. You may either request or donate troops in CoC, from clan castle and clan chat.

So guys, send troops to your clan mates’ request button at the clan castle, and also the barbarian button of the clan chat in its bottom, then use on the troops for further and major attacks, defends in the village battles in Clash of Clans.

Minimum requirement to send Clan gifts in COC

Similar to gifting or donating gold to your clan mates in CoC 2022 needs a prerequisite, one is you must reach Town Hall level 4, then level 2 Clan Castle, if both are done then you can donate and gift resources like Gold and Elixir to all of your clan members.

So that’s everything that you should know before sending gifts to Clash of Clans friends. Let us know in the comment section if you have any quires related to the COC Clan gifts system.

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