Top 5 Clash Of Clans Best Army Compositions in 2022 – Know it Here!

Top 5 Clash Of Clans Best Army Compositions in 2022
Best Army Compositions in Clash of Clans 2022

The Clash of Clans game is all about village base, army, troops, defense, and attacks. But many of the beginners in CoC struggle to get the best strategies, especially for the village battle attacks. Here we go with the best army compositions with the attacking strategies, and troops, know it here.

Top 5 Clash Of Clans Best Army Compositions in 2022 – Know it Here!

Use these attacking strategies for both air and ground, be it for any Town Hall Level of CoC in 2022.

1. PEKKA & Valkyrie

Once you unlock Town Hall level 8 in CoC, you will get the combo of Pekka & Valkyrie, as both of them are very lethal, use the duo also with the healing spells and rage spells to get the best attacks.

So, the first and foremost combo strategy in CoC should be the PEKKA Valkyrie combo to make your enemies demolish easily.

2. Lavaloon

Lava+ Balloons are the next best attacking troops with a formidable army composition for CoC players,.dragons, balloons, minions, archers, baby dragons, 1 poison spell, lightning spells, and freeze spells are all used for this combo.

3. Electro Dragons 

One of the fiercest troops in CoC, the electro dragon attacks troops with strategies, players may use electro dragons with the king, siege machines, balloons, and baby dragons with lightning spells for the explosion in the battles.

4. Balloonion

The most preferred attacking troops for CoC players with over Town Hall level 7 is the balloonian duo combo easily, 25 balloons and minions will do the required and necessary damage to your enemies in the village battle attacks.

Also, rage and healing spells must be used with the balloonions combo and that will make the fiercest army composition ever in CoC.

5. Giant & Healer Combo

One of the unique and rarest combos of Clash Of Clans has to be this duo of giant & healer, a total of 20 archers, 4 wall breakers, 5 healers, and 10 giants can all be used for village battles, clan wars, and even for the tournaments of CoC, as this is one of the best army compositions and strategies for COC.

So, these are the 5 best army compositions that you can prefer to boost your attack in Clash of Clans.

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