Free Fire MAX Best Character-Chrono VS Mystery Character OB33

Free Fire Chrono VS Mystery Character OB33
Free Fire Chrono VS Mystery Character OB33

Free Fire Chrono VS Mystery Character OB33: Characters in Free Fire are tough to grade owing to the variety and adaptability of their skills. Certain characters, whether defensive, aggressive, or balanced, are better suited to certain gameplay modes.

Garena just introduced two additional characters to Free Fire’s already large cast of characters. Dimitri is already one of the most powerful characters in Free Fire, and Thiva’s passive powers make him an excellent choice as well.

Chrono is one of the most popular Free Fire characters, and he’s also a great fit for a balanced approach. However, the new mystery character is a bit similar to our Chrono character. So, players want to know which character is best between Chrono VS New advanced server mystery character.

Free Fire Chrono VS Mystery Character OB33


In battle, Chrono transforms into a living barrier. His method is capable of protecting the entire team from injury while still making it simple to gain ground.
Chrono’s advanced technology allows him to stay safe on the battlefield. His method, Time Turner, allows the user to create a defense dome that can hold up to 800 damage. The dome appears for six seconds after being engaged.

Players can’t fire outwards once they’re inside the defensive dome. Enemy players, on the other hand, can enter the dome if they’re within range. When the power is utilized, it is accompanied by a 120-second cooldown.

OB33 Mystery Character 

The new mystery character will undoubtedly be meta, as his ability Swordsman’s Wrath will undoubtedly aid players in all combats. Users will be able to utilize this skill to build a shield on the battlefield, as well as minimize weapon damage from the front or from adversaries.

Furthermore, once you fire, the shield will evaporate automatically. Players can employ this in a variety of difficult fight circumstances, primarily in healing and reviving while the shield protects them from harm.

Chrono VS Mystery Character Winner

Comparing both skills, the Chrono character is a clear winner. As the mystery character’s shield gets vanished when the user fires, while Chrono doesn’t have any such issues.

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