Free Fire Max Chrono Versus Skyler Winner (Best Character Combat)

Chrono Vs Skyler Winner
Chrono Vs Skyler Winner

Chrono Vs Skyler Winner: Skyler and Chrono are two of the most powerful characters in Free Fire MAX. Their abilities are unique, and they provide players with a tactical advantage in battle. If used correctly, they can even take down an entire squad by themselves.

In the Battle Royale mode, each character has a distinct role to play in battle. Chrono can defend well while Skyler can take down Gloo walls. Even while all three are fantastic, only one can be the best. Who is this mysterious figure? To discover out, start scrolling.

Chrono Vs Skyler Winner

Riptide Rhythm, Skyler’s ability, is extremely effective against gloo walls. A sonic wave is released when this button is pressed, demolishing five gloo walls up to 100 meters distant. It needs to cool down for 40 seconds for it to be used again. Players will regain HP as a bonus ability anytime they construct a gloo wall. Players will recover HP as a bonus ability anytime they place a gloo wall. Skyler’s ability lets the user to break down gloo fortifications with a single hit, allowing them to engage the adversary more easily. The character could also be used actively in combat due to his increased power to recover.

However, Chrono’s ability, Time Turner, can defend the entire team from oncoming damage. When triggered, a dome shield with 800 HP appears and lasts for 6 seconds. Within the force field, players are unable to shoot at on the outside. After using the ability, it takes 120 seconds for it to cool down. Chrono is a fantastic option for defensive play. His shield may both create choke points and protect the team from hostile fire. Due of the high cooldown duration, players must use gloo barriers in conjunction with their ability.


In Free Fire MAX, Chrono is good character, but neither of them compares to Skyler. He is a battle force to be reckoned with due to his abilities to destroy gloo walls and self-heal. Skyler will be able to rush opponents and break down their defenses with ease for skilled gamers. Furthermore, due to the short cooldown time, the ability can be utilized repeatedly to devastating effect.

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