Can You Change Scenery for Free in COC?

Clash of Clans scenery change
Clash of Clans scenery

The scenery is one of the blissful decorations in the CoC village, as it gives a completely different look to your village outskirts. Here’s all about how to change the scenery and get a new scenery decoration in Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Scenery Guide: How to change the Scenery in COC?

As far as scenery in CoC is considered, a total of 3 different scenery landscapes are available for players to customize it. All three scenery can be customized in the game’s settings itself, here is the different scenery of CoC.

– Clashy Constructs Scenery

– Pirate Scenery

– Epic Winter Scenery

– Classic Autumn

– Classic Winter

– Hog Mountain

– Jungle Scenery

– Epic Jungle Scenery

– Snow Day Scenery

– Primal Scenery

– Tiger Mountain Scenery

– Royal Scenery

– Summer Sveneru

– Shadow Scenery

All of this scenery from CoC is available for free, while the jungle-based scenery is unlocked after you reach the Town Hall Level 14.

To change the scenery in Clash of Clans, tap on your town hall and select the change Scenery option and choose your preferred one for your village, the classic scenery is available by default itself.

Can You Change Scenery for Free in COC?

Yes, in CoC changing and customizing the scenery for the first 3 can be free, for the rest of them, you must pay and get your favorite scenery.

The cost for selective CoC Scenery ranges between $6 to $8 based on the layouts you choose to go with.

Some scenery is available for free, and some sceneries are given as freebie rewards by the team Supercell to all the Clash Of Clans players, yet choosing the best scenery decoration and customizing it for your village is completely in your hands.

But one thing is sure the village scenery layout impresses even your enemies, so make sure to keep the best scenery just like you set the best defensive base and other storage in your Village.

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