How To Get The Brisk Gallop Animation And Pegasus Skywing Free Fire?

Brisk Gallop Animation Free Fire
Brisk Gallop Animation Free Fire

The Faded Wheel is a repeating feature in Garena Free Fire, providing players with a sequence of predetermined rewards. Unlike the other Luck Royale in Free Fire, this one assures that users will receive all of the rewards within a certain number of spins, which is one of the reasons that so many people favor it for obtaining things. The new event for Brisk Gallop Animation is added in Free Fire.

Moreover, an all-new Faded wheel event has been added to the Luck Royale section featuring two exclusive grand prizes. Although, the main attraction of this Luck Royale is that players can obtain both grand prizes and a large choice of other fun cosmetics in a limited number of attempts. So, in this article, you will get to know complete details about the Brisk Gallop Animation in Free Fire.

Free Fire Brisk Gallop Animation Pegasus Skywing Event Details

Furthermore, the Brisk Gallop animation faded wheel event has been added on 29 January. Besides, this event will be available till 4 Feb only. Furthermore, there are two grand prizes, as well as minor in-game rewards, which are detailed below:

  • Diamond Royale Voucher 
  • Fiery Flames surfboard
  • Pegasus Skywing
  • Wooden Horse Loot Box
  • Red Shirt 
  • 1x Cube Fragment
  • Pink Devil Weapon Loot Crate
  • Brisk Gallop animation
  • Wings of the Devil parachute
  • New Year Weapon Crate- The pink devil

Moreover, players require to spend diamonds for every single spin in this event. The cost for every spin increases by 9, 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, 499 respectively. However, except for the main prizes, participants must eliminate two prizes from the prize pool that they do not want to win. Also, if the gamer is unlucky, the Brisk Gallop animation may cost 1000+ diamonds.


Steps are given below

Step-1: Users can access the Faded Wheel event in the Luck Royale section available in the game lobby.

Step-2: Remove any two rewards that you don’t desire to win.

Step-3: Make spins by using diamonds to get the Brisk Gallop animation.

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