Here’s everything you need to know about Club Leagues in Brawl Stars


In Brawl Stars, there is a distinct ranking system called Club Leagues. All members of the club work together to advance throughout the League and receive in-game awards. This article will guide you with Club coins, ranking, tips to win, and everything you need to know about the Club Leagues in Brawl Stars.

How do the Brawl Stars club leagues work?

Club League intends to give clubs that up until now have only been places for individuals to socialize with one another more utility.  Every Club will face off against seven other rival Clubs in the same league during each Club League season in Brawl Stars. All Clubs in the league are scored according to the sum of Club Points they have accrued over the course of the 3-day event throughout the course of a Club League season, which begins on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday, while the results conclude on Monday every week.

Ranking and Club Trophies

Clubs are ranked according to the number of Club Trophies they earned after an event day after each of a Club’s Club Trophies has been counted. Each Club would receive Club Points depending on the Club Trophies they have earned. Eventually, after the conclusion of a season, every Club will be advanced or downgraded dependent on their cumulative Club Points.

How to play Club Leagues?

All Club Members receive tickets to be used in various game modes. For the first two event days, players receive 4 tickets, and for the third day i.e Sunday, they receive 6 tickets. Gaining as many Club Trophies for your Club as possible is the main objective.

Players are given four tickets every event day, allowing them to participate in four games, whether they’re Power or Normal matchups. Every match’s outcome determines the club’s ranking. Every player is permitted to buy up to four Golden Tickets every week to advance their team more quickly and collect more trophies.

The Club League’s matchmaking system in Brawl Stars considers your region and Club League ranking into account when determining matches. Players are often paired with and played against other players of a similar rank.

How do you get the Club coins?

Club Coins are a medium of exchange used to make purchases in the Club Shop. Players earn them based on every club’s weekly standing in Club Points. It varies on how many games a player plays all through the course of the week.

Difference between a Normal and Power match

In Normal mode, players fight in a game mode on a predetermined map and each game has a one-ticket entry fee. While power matches require two Tickets to participate and may be played either by individuals or with Clubmates.

Tips to win Club Leagues in Brawl Stars

  •  Use the third event day for your opportunity as it awards the highest club points. Therefore, the last day may be a game-changer and significantly aid in your victory in the Brawl Stars Club League.
  • Play the games with your clubmates to increase the number of points you receive for each victory. You will receive one extra point for winning the Normal matches, and two extra points for winning the Power match.

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