How To Unlock The New Moco Store Blue Wave Bundle In Free Fire?

Blue Wave Bundle free fire
Blue Wave Bundle free fire

Blue Wave Bundle Free Fire: For the fourth time in a row, the Moco Store returns to Free Fire, allowing players to purchase items like clothing, rifle skins, gloo wall skins, and more. It works in a similar way to the Faded Wheel, where participants are guaranteed a given number of prizes after a particular number of tries and have complete control over the prize rewards.

Users can now earn special cosmetics as part of the latest version of the event, which has been recently launched. The bundle and the Gloo Wall skins, on either hand, are completely exclusive, meaning you have to choose any one of these grand prizes.

New Moco Store Blue Wave Bundle Free Fire

The Blue Wave Bundle event had been introduced on 23 February. However, this event will be available only until 1 March. Furthermore, in order to win the prizes, players must use diamonds, which will steadily increase as long as the same items are not replayed. The following is a list of rewards pool:

  • Blue Wave Bundle
  • The Eternal Spirit Bundle
  • The Elusive Soul Bundle
  •  Booyah Day- Gloo wall
  • Gloo Wall – Spikey Spine
  • Gloo Wall – Winterlands

Along with the grand prizes it involves other bonus prizes such as a few gun skins, name change card, Otho character, and challenge on emote. However, players have to select any two grand prize to include in the reward pool. Moreover, the first spin will cost 9 diamonds and subsequent spins will cost more diamonds.

Steps To Unlock The Grand Rewards

Step-1: Go to Free Fire MAX’s Luck Royale section and choose one prize from each reward category.
Step-2: Once you’ve chosen your incentives, click the confirm button. After then, you can make as many spins as you want to get the prizes.

Step-3: Keep on making spins until you get your desired rewards.

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