What Are The Best Locations To Find Mountain Bicycle In Erangel Map PUBG Mobile?

Locations To Find Mountain Bicycle In Erangel Map
Best Locations Find Mountain Bicycle In Erangel Map

Some of the best locations to find mountain bicycles in the Erangel map: The PUBG Mobile bicycles can be found on the Erangel and Livik maps and is a newly added vehicle in the famed battle royale game’s 4th anniversary year.

PUBG Mobile was just upgraded to version 1.9 on March 18, 2022. The battle royale game will now begin the new C2S5 (Cycle 2 Season 5) season now.PUBG Mobile update summary 1.9 adds a number of new features as well as special anniversary features. That’s because March 2022 marks the 4th anniversary of PUBG Mobile.

A bicycle as a new vehicle is one of the most fascinating additions to the PUBG Mobile 1.9 game. In Vibrant Anniversary mode, gamers can locate it in Erangel and Livik. So, in this article, we will discuss bicycle locations in PUBG Mobile.

Location To Find Mountain Bicycle In Erangel Map PUBG Mobile

In Erangel, a bicycles are very useful transportation. It allows players to get into the safe zone faster than they could if they ran. It’s also not as noisy as other vehicles like automobiles and motorcycles. On this big map, you can see all of the positions of this newly added vehicle.



The first venue is Quarry, which will host the PUBG Mobile game’s fourth-anniversary party. Mountain bikes are available at Vibrant Plaza. This location has a lot of mountain bikes.


The Stalber is the next place where you might be able to find mountain bikes. On the Erangel map, Stalber is the second place wherein PUBG Mobile’s fourth-anniversary celebration takes place.
The celebrations are taking place in the Vibrant Plaza in Stalber. Players may now search this location for mountain bike things. Even gamers have the option of purchasing multiple mountain bikes.

Locations of Loot Generally

Because they are truly celebratory destinations, the two locations listed above are the primary locations for finding mountain bikes. Mountain bikes can still be found in various places, particularly in general loot sites like Pochinki, Georgopol, and Sosnovka Military Base.
But, there is a slim probability of finding a mountain bike in this broad loot item area. Even if there is only a chance of finding one bike.

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