Is the BGMI Snax Voice Pack going to be free?

Is the BGMI Snax Voice Pack going to be free
BGMI Snax Voice Pack Free?

BGMI Snax Voice Pack: After a long wait, the continuing 1.8 upgrades was finally released in BGMI free in January. It adds a slew of new modes, events, functions, and in-game goodies to improve gamers’ Battle Royale gameplay.

The creators, Krafton Inc., also announced the long-awaited voice packs of several notable pro gamers and streamers in Indian regional languages as part of the upgrade. Following the announcement, the first batch of voice packs was released, which featured Jonathan, Kaztro, and Snax audio packs.

BGMI Snax Voice Pack

Jonathan’s voice packs the first to be released, and it was a tremendous hit. It was in the game for nearly four weeks before being removed to make space for Kaztro’s voice pack. Snax’s voice pack, on the other hand, appears to have arrived a little early, since the community’s enthusiasm for his audio is obvious.

Krafton announced the launch of Snax’s voice pack in BGMI on the main Battlegrounds Mobile India Instagram account and Youtube account. Because of some leaked audio files, Snax’s voice pack has become increasingly popular. As per them, the audio messages are amusing and will let gamers fully appreciate the game’s BR mode.

Is the BGMI Snax Voice Pack going to be free?

As the hype of the Snax voice pack is great, most probably it won’t be available for free. However, like Jonathan’s voice pack, it may cost a few UC only. The basic¬†voice pack is available for 250 UC at the BGMI in the game store.

The basic voice pack uses pre-recorded audio files to assist players to interact with their friends. These audio files, although, will be in English rather than Indian language. Players require to wait for a while for Snax’s epic voice bundle to be released.

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