BGMI Master Series BGMS 2022 Winner team: Final points table, prize pool distribution, and more

BGMI Master Series BGMS 2022 Winner team
BGMI Master Series BGMS 2022 Winner team

BGMI Master Series BGMS 2022 Winner team: Today marked the conclusion of the Battlegrounds Masters series BGMS 2022 grand finale, in which the top 16 teams competed in four matches each day on three distinct maps. Teams competed on Erangel, Sanhok, Miramar, and Erangel tonight, accordingly.

Team Global eSports took home the BGMS 2022 master series trophy at the conclusion of the grand finals day because of their outstanding play within the last two games and their achievement of the top spot in the final rankings with 100 kill points and 101 placing points. Viewers were expecting Godlike Esports will be the winner team of BGMS 2022, however, the last two matches were unbelievable.

BGMI Master Series LAN event BGMS 2022 Winner team: Final points table, prize pool distribution, and more

The BGMI Masters Series 2022 Grand Finals, which were supposed to occur during the championship’s 4th day and final week, from July 13 to July 17, have now been completed. 24 of the best BGMI teams in the country have competed in this tournament with high-class competitiveness. Global Esports are the winner of the BGMS 2022 BGMI Masters Series. After several frantic battles with a shifting points table, Global Esports has once again shown themselves and are the winner of BGMS 2022. Each game on the last day had significance. It became legendary because every squad took a lot of effort to win this series. In the decisive game, GE expertly robbed GodLike Esports of the championship.

BGMI Master Series BGMS LAN event 2022 Winner team: Final points table

BGMS 2022 Finals points table
BGMS 2022 Finals points table

The first-ever BGMI competition to be shown live on television was the BGMI Masters Series. Global Esports defeated every team to win this illustrious competition! With three chicken dinners, GE scored a total of 201 points to win. Global Esports just understood what they had to accomplish in the last game.

MVP of the BGMS 2022

Team Enigma forever won the opening game of the day at Erangel with a score of 12 finishes, while Team Skylightz finished in second place with 10 finishes. With six finishers, Team Godlike was able to take third place. Rexx from team Enigma gaming won the MVP award owing to his maximum frags.

Prize Pool distribution

Acording to liquipedia, the prize pool distribution is as follows:

Place USD ₹ INR Team
 1st $32,914 ₹26,25,000  Global Esports
 2nd $18,808 ₹15,00,000  GodLike Esports
 3rd $13,228 ₹10,55,000  Orangutan
 4th $8,777 ₹7,00,000  Team Enigma Forever
5th $12,288 ₹9,80,000  Skylightz Gaming
6th $7,711 ₹6,15,000  Team SouL
7th $7,774 ₹6,20,000  Chemin Esports
8th $7,147 ₹5,70,000  TEAM iNSANE
9th $9,090 ₹7,25,000  Enigma Gaming
10th $10,658 ₹8,50,000  Team XO
11th $6,582 ₹5,25,000  OREsports
12th $4,827 ₹3,85,000 8Bit
13th $4,764 ₹3,80,000 Blind Esports
14th $5,642 ₹4,50,000  Nigma Galaxy
15th $3,824 ₹3,05,000  FS Esports
16th $3,573 ₹2,85,000  Revenant Esports


In conclusion, BGMS was a very amazing occasion. It demonstrated India’s increased degree of performance. Additionally, viewing LAN on TV added to its allure.

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