BGMI M13 Royal Pass Release Date: When will new season RP come in BGMI?

BGMI M13 Royal Pass
BGMI M13 Royal Pass

Every month, BGMI gives its users access to a fresh Royale Pass. Almost any new ROYAL PASS has a unique theme and offers a tonne of brand-new skins and equipment for weapons that gamers are excited to obtain. Although, BGMI players are confused about the release date for M13 Royal Pass. This post will surely help you with it.

Even though the continuing Month 12 Royale Pass was bought by numerous people, it will soon expire and be replaced by the M13 RP. The Month 9 Royale pass will reportedly also include fresh presents for the users, according to sources. Users that enjoy the game for free may also earn the special awards that are listed in the free RP area, while gamers paying UC can acquire it and receive the unique benefits. Let’s discuss the details and release date for the BGMI M13 Royal Pass that is revealed so far.

Everything released so far about the BGMI M13 Royal Pass

To make BGMI more intriguing, Krafton has been introducing a lot of in-game aesthetics and eccentricities. The M13 Royale pass in BGMI is new monthly, the same as it is in PUBG Mobile. Prominent developers and beta testers provided many leaks with special incentives for the forthcoming M13 Elite Pass a short while ago.


At level 5, players will additionally receive the Trendy Hiker cover headgear in addition to the RP1 costume. The Wild Rave helmet, which has a stunning appearance, is what players gain from RP10. It goes well with the RP50 suit the gamers will ultimately get.


Pink and blue make up the helmet’s color scheme. The avatar for the attire that costs 50 RP and 15 RP will be given to gamers. Additionally, participants will acquire the Hi-Tech decoration, a gorgeous adornment. It’s a little blue-colored ornament with a microchip motif. This may be attached to bags.¬† Players will also get a legendary in-game emote when they reach this RP level. The legendary emote is known by the name Noctum Terror.

BGMI M13 Royal Pass Release Date: When will new season RP come in BGMI?

The RP section will remain sealed until July 18 as the current Month 12 theme Royale Pass comes to an end on July 17, 2022. On July 19, 2022, at 7:00 am Indian Standard Time, the forthcoming M13 Royale Pass will become available in the game.

Cost for Month 13 RP

There are two different versions of the Month 13 Royal Pass. The Elite Pass Plus version may be purchased for 960 UC, as opposed to the well-liked Elite Pass’s 360 UC price. A 60 UC discount coupon for the upcoming season is available to individuals who have previously bought the M12 Royale Pass.

The forthcoming C3S7 Month 13 Royale Pass will be themed around Exo Genesis, according to the rumors.

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