Which are the best apps to get BGMI free UC in 2022?


Are you looking for the best apps to get free UC in BGMI? There are various apps available, however, most of them are not legit. Keep scrolling, and you’ll get to know the best apps for free UC.

BGMI’s incidence has grown since the beginning of the year. In India’s mobile gaming sector, it is among the most installed and loved shooter games. Every day, a majority of additional players sign up, which has led to a rise in the number of in-game transactions. Players have to spend real money on the in-game cash i.e. UC. Several BGMI gamers, meanwhile, are unable to afford to pay for the game. So, let’s discuss about the best apps to get BGMI free UC in 2022.

What are UC hacks in BGMI?

Although there are undoubtedly various advantages to employing hacks in BGMI, the UC currency hack is unquestionably the most revolutionary. With this hack, you may obtain an infinite supply of stuff from the game, notably UC and AG coins, in contrast to other cheats that just provide you an edge over other gamers.

This basically allows players to purchase the way to a win, which eliminates the entire appeal of the game. Not only that, but it is also unjust to people who are doing it honestly. We advise dealing with alternative methods that don’t provide you with endless resources if you want to advance in BGMI.

Which is the best to get BGMI free UC apps in 2022?

  • Google Opinion rewards

It is one of the simplest and most used methods by the BGMI players. Google created the Google Opinion Rewards, making it a reliable app that BGMI gamers may utilize to get free UC. After successfully logging in, customers are presented with a few short questions, the accomplishment of which grants them Google Play Credits. The Google Play Credits you receive may be converted for cash, which can then be used to buy BGMI free UC in 2022 without spending money from your own account.

  • Refund from Playstore

For optimal outcomes, your Gmail account must be at minimum 2-3 years old. Simply connect in using another phone, connect in with that Gmail, then buy UC from the google play store.  Further, log in to that account on your main phone. Players should then visit the Help center or support, and search for “Request and Refund.” Select the valid reason for the refund. Finally, move on after selecting I don’t recognize this transaction or payment. Most probably, within the following 24 hours, Playstore will validate your transaction and provide your refund.


Winzo is indeed a gaming application that has gained popularity among several well-known BGMI players. Players may use the app to have fun while still earning money.  Players can get a free 1050 RS sign-up bonus on the app which can be used to play games or buy BGMI UC completely free. If you are a pro gamer you can play games with the free money and collect money to get UC in 2022.

To download Winzo app Click here. You can directly claim your bonus from this link. 

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