BGMI 2.2 Update News: Here’s how to download, release date, leaks and early patch notes

BGMI 2.2 Update News: Here's how to download, release date, leaks and early patch notes
BGMI 2.2 Update

Though the BGMI Indian version of the PUBG Mobile is completely removed from the play store, that doesn’t stop Krafton from launching new updates, features, and rewards to the gamers. Here’s all you need to know about the BGMI 2.2 update and early patch notes.

What is the best way to Download BGMI 2.2 Update after the ban in India?

As always, downloading the patch update in BGMI is nothing new and follows the same pattern every month, here’s how to download the BGMI September month patch update officially. Both Android and iPhone BGMI players may download the latest update from Google Play Store and Apple Store officially and as always, and as usual they do.

Some of them opt to download all the BGMI patch updates from the website, so those who prefer to download the BGMI 2.2 patch update as an apk file may also, download it from the respective websites, which will be more than 500+ MB at a minimum.

There are many websites to download the BGMI patch update version, some are spam, so I always prefer to download it from the Google play store.

BGMI 2.2 Patch Update Release Date & Time!

The next official BGMI 2.2 patch update is not yet officially announced, and hence there’s no any official confirmation (due to ban) of the date as of now. You may expect Krafton to release and launch the next patch, anytime and anywhere between 12.30-05.30 PM on the launch date.

But the official release date for the BGMI September version update is September 14th, 2022, and will last on for more than a month. Hopefully, BGMI also gets readded to the Google Play Store hopefully soon.

BGMI 2.2 Update New Features- New map Nusa, Halloween event, and more

A plethora of BGMI 2.2 leaks with its patch notes had already come out, some of the BGMI 2.2 new features and new updates from the leaks are, Nusa Map with a Lift, Hot Air Balloon, New Riley, and Sophia Character, Erangel Gear Front Mode. Also as a way to celebrate Halloween, on 31st October, a new Halloween Event with Night Mode update is expected too.

Early Patch Notes & More Leaks!

Some of the other BGMI 2.2 leaks and patch notes are the New Armed Front Mode with 8 unique skills also with a medieval-themed area too.

Super summon mechanisms from BGMI 2.2 are expected, this gives you a chance to re-enter the game, even after you are defeated, as some of your existing teammates will be tussling out at the arena already.

Another new mechanism in BGMI 2.2 in the form of sliding rope is another expected addition to the list of BGMI 2.2 patch notes. The elevator and Tactical bow are the next two leaks from the BGMI 2.2 patch notes.

A brand new exclusive quad vehicle, bicycle platform, hospital & melta power updates, gas station, rainbow, new supply crates. With so much to offer, BGMI 2.2 update will be rollicking from tomorrow, but unfortunately, many of the fans will be disappointed surely, as they just can’t enjoy the same.

Speaking about the new map Nusa, it’s expected to be a 1×1 map scenic with many new gaming modes, the Erangel map also comes up with some climate changes too. A brand new weapon from BGMI 2.2 patch notes is the powerful and explosive NS 2000 Rifle.

Erangel will also be bringing out a new discount store from the next BGMI 2.2 updates. Lucky Backpack, Smoke Bomb, Trace, Black Market, Puppet Navigation, Scan Supplies, and Aerial Resupply are all the other major leaks and features from the BGMI 2.2 patch notes leaks.

All details about BGMI 2.2 update, patch notes, release date, and how to download are all updated over here, let’s all wait for Krafton to launch the BGMI 2.2 version update of the game from tomorrow. Till then wait for more updates about BGMI 2.2 version.

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