BGMI Esports new tournament announced: BGIS 2022 registrations, requirements and more

BGIS 2022
BGIS 2022

On 24 July, the first official LAN tournament was completed successfully, and 7SEA Esports was crowned the champion of the event. Moreover, at the end of the event, before the prize distribution, the CEO of Krafton India announced the upcoming BGMI Esports tournament. The upcoming tournament is BGMI BGIS 2022 (Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2022). Here’s what we know so far.

Requirements to register for the BGIS

According to the BGIS 2021, the requirements to be eligible for the tournament are as follows:

  • Players older than 16 can take part in the competition. The players must all be Indian citizens.
  • Players should be on the Platinum or above tier and the BGMI account must be Level 15 or higher.
  • There may be no more than 4 players on a squad. However, there is currently no information available on the replacement.
  • The only permitted mobile devices will be handheld ones. No tablets or emulators will be allowed in the game. Additionally, it is not possible to use add-on devices such as controllers, switches, and others.

How will you register for the BGIS 2022 qualifiers?

  • Click here for a link to the BGMI esports official website.
  • The following fields must be completed: Team Name, leader, Email Address, User Id, and Location.
  • Once finished, select Next. Before going on to the next stage, you must choose the choice if the Team Owner is listed in the Caption.
  • You must include your name, birth date, nationality, email account, in-game name, ID proof, contact number, city, and state if you are the team’s leader. Once finished, select Next, the remaining players’ information must then be entered using the same information mentioned above.

The registrations for the BGIS 2022 tournament is not yet started, and it will be opened on 28 July as per the announcement. The prize pool and schedule of the tournament will be revealed on the same date. So stay tuned to the official social media of BGMI.

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