5 Best Xbow Decks in Clash Royale as of 2022

Clash Royale best xbow decks 2022
Clash Royale Xbow decks

In Clash Royale several decks are available, yet the Xbow decks are always the most powerful and fiercest decks of the game. Here is the list of 5 Best Xbow Decks in Clash Royale 2022.

5 Best Xbow Decks in Clash Royale 2022

1. Barbarian Barrel

One of the highly rated Xbox decks from Clash Royale, the barbarian barrel is an epic rarity card. First, reach arena 3 and get this xbow based deck, just 2 elixir cost for this, and damage and hit points are very good for this Xbow deck.

The barbarian barrel is of the spell troop and can inflict severe damage to your enemies.

2. Xbow Inferno Fireball Cycle

One of the strongest decks, this Xbow is high on the damage. Xbow Inferno Fireball Cycle deck is available for 3.4 elixir cost, and hitpoints of 300+.

Use this deck for fiery spells and attacks on buildings and towers.

3. Valkyrie

One of the best female decks, Valkyrie is unlocked after reaching the bone pit arena level 2, with decent damage of 300 and an explosive 1000 hitpoints, Valkyrie is a deck that is used by all the Clash Royale players, especially being one of the best xbow decks, one would never want to miss her.

The Valkyrie deck is always available for 4 Elixir cost and is too good for attacks against the buildings and on walls.

4. Cannon 

Cannon is a common rarity card and an Xbow deck available for 3 Elixir, decent damage of 100, and hitpoints of over 300, no cannon can be used for building attacks and also as a wall breaker too.

Majorly the cannon xbow deck is the defensive deck, keep the cannons in front of the towers and avoid the intrusion of your enemies.

5. Tesla 

Tesla deck is available after reaching electro valley arena level, the hitpoints of the Tesla xbow deck is highly effective with 500. 4 Elixir cost is what the Tesla xbow deck needs, a common card-building type troop, the Tesla xbow can be very very lethal for attacks.

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