Best Ways To Use Mountain Bicycles In PUBG Mobile

 Best Ways To Use Mountain Bicycles
Best Ways To Use Mountain Bicycles

 Best Ways To Use Mountain Bicycles: PUBG Mobile is presently at the start of the C2S5 season (Cycle 2 Season 5) via providing new features and content from patch note 1.9, which has been launched earlier on March 18, 2022.

This patch notes update adds a commemorative anniversary element to the PUBG Mobile games. The inclusion of the Vibrant Anniversary mode, which is a seasonal game mode, is the crucial part.

In Erangel, a mountain bicycle is a very important vehicle for transportation. It allows players to enter the safe zone faster than running. Furthermore, it is less noisy than other vehicles such as cars and motorcycles. On this big map, you can see all of the places in this new vehicle.

 Best Ways To Use Mountain Bicycles Use Mountain Bicycles

  • A folding bike is a form of PUBG Mobile mountain bike. Surprisingly, this bicycle was discovered folded rather than in a usable state.
  • Mountain bikes can now be found in treasure areas on the Erangel and Livik maps. More information about where to find mountain bikes may be found here.
    Unfortunately, there aren’t many mountain bikes available in Vibrant Anniversary mode in both Erangel and Livik. As a result, you can dive right in and land in areas where mountain bikes may be found.
    Whenever the mountain bike loot has been folded, it is automatically stored in the backpack. This relates to the goods in the general supply.
  • Gamers can use the mountain bike equipment after opening the backpack. The mountain bike appeared in front of the player right away. This enables players to ride their mountain bicycles anywhere they wish.
  • When passing across water areas where mountain bikes are not permitted, players can fold and store the mountain bike in a backpack. After then, players are allowed to swim as they like. When they reach the surface, they can reclaim their mountain bicycle by removing it from their bag.
  • Mountain bicycles allow players to rotate and catch up areas more quickly than running. Furthermore, because of its versatility, players can fold mountain bicycles and carry them in their backpacks whenever they come across terrain that they can travel through, such as rivers.

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