Which Are The Best Valorant Agents Players Should Equip In 2022?

Best Valorant Agents 2022
Best Valorant Agents 2022

Best Valorant Agents 2022: Valorant is a fun game to play, but there’s a lot to learn when you first start. It’s critical to know which agents to choose, as the right one can make all the difference. For newcomers, however, determining which Agent is the best can be difficult. Valorant has a large number of heroes, each with its own set of abilities.

Waiting in line for the Valorant ranking games can be difficult, especially if you lack the necessary agents. This is entirely dependent on the player’s activities throughout the game. Duelist, on the other hand, is the perfect role for ambitious players who want to lead their team to victory. Other people, on the other hand, can carry a team if they are strategically placed.

Best Valorant Agents In 2022

1. Raze

Although she isn’t particularly valuable to a squad, her offensive abilities are unrivaled. Her Boombot allows her to safely spy on potential enemies, and her C4-like skill enables you to shoot up to unusual spots on a map.

Not to mention her rocket launcher, which has a huge splash damage radius and may kill adversaries instantaneously. Swarm grenades from Raze have proven to be the most useful weapon in our games. They deal a lot of damage and are good for flushing out enemies, killing individuals, and putting an end to any hopes of a mass assault.

2. Neon

With the arrival of Neon, the Valorant agent pool has grown. The Filipino Duelist has the ability to enter a site with breakneck speed and eliminate adversaries in seconds. She has the ability to take on opponents with energy. Neon’s quickness allows her to sprint into opponents, giving them no time to respond.
The Valorous Filipino Duelist’s High Gear (E) ability allows her to not only sprint but also slide. She can also use a grenade to shock enemies and raise two parallel walls to aid the agent in fragging.

3. Sage

Resurrecting a friend can radically change the course of a match and get you back into it. She also has a freezing AoE and a wall that may block chokepoints and elevate teammates, among other amazing zoning abilities.

To not talk about the fact that she can heal someone simply by pointing and clicking on them, which might be the difference in a close match – particularly in the pistol, where an ally may be highly marked. She provides a tremendous lot of value to a team.

4. Chamber

Chamber has an excellent choice for people who like a less aggressive style of play and are strong at defending areas. Chamber’s talents allow him to take down foes from afar while gathering information.

Furthermore, with his teleportation ability, the Valorous French Sentinel may quickly take a fight and leave, i.e., Rendezvous  With his Headhunter (Q) and ultimate, Tour De Force, Chamber makes eco-rounds simpler (X). These talents enable him to defeat his opponents while also bolstering his defense.

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