Best Map Codes To Farm XP In Fortnite 2022
Best Map Codes To Farm XP In Fortnite 2022

Best Map Codes To Farm XP In Fortnite 2022: Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3 introduced a number of new features to the island. The looming conflict between the IO and the Seven has piqued the curiosity of the entire community.

Despite these highs, the XP grinding mechanism has been underwhelming this season. It’s nearly hard to rank up faster in the battle pass due to a lack of appropriate challenges and tasks.

In Chapter 3 Season 2, though, there are a number of Creative maps that can be used to farm XP. This post will include eight of these maps so that gamers can quickly acquire the rewards.

3 Best Map Codes To Farm XP In Fortnite 2022

1v1 Build Mode


Players can gain a lot of XP by playing this Creative Map. Simply grab some guns and drop them into the major battleground. Then, work your way all the way up to the lobby. On the bottom right corner, there will be a hidden XP button. To get points, activate it.

Then proceed to the Team 9 unit. There’ll be another XP option near the conclusion of this unit that can be used. Finally, go into each apartment and destroy the beds to gain XP. It is one of the best map codes to farm XP in 2022.

Toy Box FFA

This map’s code is 9061-5458-7889v33.

Explore the map and turn left to reach the Consumables storage facility. Gamers must obtain the K.O. Cruiser. Jump back into the main arena and deploy the cruiser to get back up after it’s finished. This will be considered a successful leap and will earn you XP. To gain extra XP, repeat the method. Finally, find out a couple of rounds to get out the AI guards. In Fortnite, you can earn XP by eliminating them. It is one of the best map codes to farm XP in 2022.

Sprint Parkour

0114-4213-1927v10 is the code to access this map.

Enter the map code and navigate to the ‘Use New Movement’ area. Go to the bottom right corner of this page to find a hidden button that will transport players to a room. There will be a floating shoe in this secret area that must be scooped up. This will reward you with some XP. It is another best map code to farm XP in 2022.

After that, they must click the next level icon to proceed to the next room. To acquire XP, they must engage with the character here. Return to the original lobby after that to engage with some other character.

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