Best location to get the sponges in Minecraft in 2022

Sponges are one of the most uncommon blocks in Minecraft 1.18. This block may appear to be relatively typical and frequent, however, finding it in the game is really challenging. This block is not found in any biome or cave because it is not a natural resource. Even though they are uncommon and appear to be useless, gamers make every effort to locate them since they are quite useful.

Sponges are used to absorb and drain water from a specific area. With these blocks, gamers may easily clean out the pool of water to produce or find anything. Whereas the block is extremely beneficial, locating one can be difficult, particularly for inexperienced players.

Best location to get the sponges in Minecraft in 2022

Sea Landmarks are the only area to locate sponges in Minecraft 1.18. Sea Landmarks are buildings found deep down in the ocean. It’s a massive emerald green pyramid-shaped building that players can see when wandering the sea. Gamers must be willing to infiltrate and conquer the monument, which will be populated with hostile Guardian and Elder Guardian enemies. These will assault gamers by shooting lasers from their eyeballs. As a result, players will require good equipment, high-quality food, and water-breathing cures.

Those pieces can be obtained in two aspects: by defeating Elder Guardians or by discovering a sponge chamber in the mausoleum. Finding a room full of such blocks is the greatest choice, as Elder Guardians usually release one block upon killing. Killing Elder Guardians, on the other hand, is advised since they will persist to inflict mining weariness condition that affects to users, reducing their block-breaking effectiveness.

It’s difficult to locate a specific room filled with these blocks. The monolith is one of the game’s biggest constructions, featuring numerous tunnels and rooms. To locate the room immediately, gamers would require an extended prescription of water breath, so that don’t perish below.

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