Check out the list of Top 10 Best and strongest Legendary Cards in Clash Royale as of 2022

Best and strongest Legendary Cards in Clash Royale in 2022
Best and strongest Legendary Cards in Clash Royale in 2022

The legendary cards of Clash Royale are always special. Many are even confused about which to opt for in the game. For those who are baffled, here’s the list of top 10 Legendary Cards in Clash Royale 2022.

Top 10 best and strongest Legendary Cards in Clash Royale in 2022!

1. Princess

One of the powerful cards in Clash Royale, the princess legendary card deck, has the best range of defense and air defense. Princess can be unlocked from the legendary chest or from the spell valley of 5th Arena. The long-range of the princess has been her strength to attack from the rivers and crown towers, also with the best damage powers too.

2. Sparky

Sparky from electro valley or arena 11 is a useful legendary card, Grab the Sparky from the legendary chest too. Sparky is available for 6 elixir cost, the area damage of sparky is always an explosive explosion. Sparky can be good at both offense and defense, the hit speed of sparky is at 4, also the damage power is 1331 for her.

3. Mother Witch

Mother Witch legendary card is unleashed from arena 11, it’s the best to use to counterattack swarms. Mother Witch creates huge hogs to bash all of the enemies and spells against her. Use this card, if you haven’t yet. This mother witch card has some magic powers to defeat the spells of your enemies with the best troops available

4. Ram Rider

Ram Rider card has damage of over 300+, additionally, it can be unlocked from the hog mountain 11th arena or from the legendary chest. Hit points of the ram Rider have always been its best skills and abilities. After reaching Arena 10th rank on Clash Royale, unlock the ram Rider easily.

5. Inferno Dragon

Get this powerful legendary card of Clash Royale from the jungle arena, it can kill high health units, but the inferno dragons have always been vulnerable against the swarms alone, yet the inferno dragon card is a beast when it’s on attacks.

6. Lava Hound

Another high health card is available from the hog mountains. The lava hound has always been excellent at air defense than the other attacks in Clash Royale games. Also, the lava hound legendary cards are always the most used ones by the players in the game.

7. Lumberjack

Available from the serenity peak after attaining arena 14 or from the legendary chests, the lumberjack card is a melee troop, always proactive and faster for attacks, hitpoints and damage points of lumberjack are also a bit higher.

8. Magic Archer

Unlocked from the rascal’s hideout arena 13. Magic Archer can tussle out well at the buildings, especially no opponents or enemies against the magic archer legendary cards can withstand easily as his extremely powerful long range of shots and attacks.

9. Royal Ghost

Having a ghost name, this legendary card on Clash Royale is available at the spooky town for around 3 Elixir cost. A faster melee, an extremely high damage stats, and invisible spawning all make this royal Ghost card one of the best in the games. Royal Ghost also wears sandals with along a robe too. The Offensive abilities of the royal ghost card is something to look for.

10. Night Witch

Night witch is the last deck of the best legendary Clash Royale cards 2022 from this list, available from the serenity peak or legendary chests after reaching the 14th Arena. The night witch card is powerful to take on the graveyard opponents also with her bats being useful to wipe out all the skeletons too easily.

Players can equip all of these legendary Clash Royale cards in 2022 to up your game. These cards are really helpful at best defence, offense and for more attacks, river area target attacks that help you to survive your opponents’ spells and troops.

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