Top 10 Best Clash Royale Infinite Elixir Decks as of November 2022 (Updated)

Best Clash Royale Infinite Elixir Decks as of November 2022
Best Clash Royale Infinite Elixir Decks in November 2022

The infinite elixir challenges of Clash Royale are always exciting, as you may use some of the best elixir decks over there. In this post, we have listed the Top 10 Clash Royale infinite elixir decks in November 2022.

Top 10 Best Clash Royale Infinite Elixir Decks as of October  2022

1. Miner with Lava Hound Deck

Available for 4.0 elixir, this deck is probably one of the best for attacks, also the defense and offense prowess is always on high standards too. Use miner and lava as your go-to card decks for this. Additionally, barbarians and barbarian barrels can also be used.

2. Elixir Golem Deck

The elixir golem deck is available at an average of 4.1 elixir cost, with the elixir golem you may equip a baby dragon, giant skeleton, magic archer, and battle healer for the attack. Also, the major strength of the golem elixir deck is its defensive abilities, and hence included in our list of 10 Best Clash Royale Infinite Elixir Decks as of November 2022.

3. Golem Deck

Golem Deck is the conventional infinite elixir deck, with a 4.5 avg elixir cost. No cycle cards are there for the golem deck, for the attacks from the bridge, mini Pekka, battle healer, and baby dragons are the best ones to be used on. But yet golem deck has been the best-used legendary deck from the game.

4. Elixir Golem with Sparky Deck

This is one of the top most used infinite elixir Clash Royale decks to date with an average 4.1 elixir cost, offensive and defensive potential are at next level, elixir golem and sparky make the best condition pair, a baby dragon and battle healer can also be used too. Use it for the attacks from the bridge area, synergies are also the best over here.

5. Battle Ram with Three Musketeer Deck

4.0 avg elixir deck, ice golem, dark prince, bandit battle Ram, and barbarian, are all the best for bridge attacks. This deck rarely occurs on the game, but yet it’s one of the most powerful infinite decks ever.

6.  Second Golem Deck

Another golem deck with a 4.3 avg elixir cost, the damage and defense are the major highlights, with offensive potential being the best stand-out one. This deck is one of the top-used infinite elixir decks to date.

7. Xbow Infinite Elixir Deck

Another unconventional elixir deck from the game of Clash Royale is Xbow Infinite Elixir Deck. An average of  4.1 elixirs is required, and is mostly used for defensive powers. It’s also used as a major wall breaker. Barbarians and barbarian Launchers can be the best for this.

8. Fisherman Royal Giant Elixir Deck

From the legendary arena, this is rarely available, often considered as a Legendary and a powerful card, the melee with its troops can inflict severe damage to your opponents. Use this rare deck which is so powerful with abilities and spell-bound powers.

9. Third Golem Deck

Another golem deck with a 4.0 elixir avg cost, battle healer, elixir golem, and barbarians are the best confidante for this legendary infinite elixir deck. This can also be used as bait to attack your opponents from the bridge area.

10. Double Elixir Loon Freeze Deck 

Another powerful deck, and it’s obviously one of the top 10 most used infinite elixir decks in 2022, avg cost of 4.2 elixir, counters, synergies and spell damages from this deck are the best thing to use on. Balloon barbarian barrels are always used for this infinite legendary elixir deck in 2022.

So that’s in our updated list of the top 10 best infinite elixir decks in Clash Royale and of the legendary rarity too. All these infinite elixir decks have so much power and abilities that help you win.

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